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West Side Moneylender 

Living at the west side of Singapore and looking for west side moneylender? There are a few options available but is every option good? Are all the money lenders on the west side reliable? Unfortunately, the answer is no. 

To help you with your search, our team has gone down to all the money lenders in the west area of Singapore. After so many tests and rounds of surveying them, we are glad to inform you guys that there are still some good money lenders! West side moneylender are not hard to find. Finding a good one, that’s the hard part. 

Our team of people that has gone down to the office have encounter so many problems and nasty people. Some money lenders were not friendly, some were plain rude. Many were not willing to provide us with more basic information. Luckily we were able to find a few good ones and they are listed above. 

Is finding a good money lender that important? Why yes of course! Why do you want to approach a bad money lender? That’s like asking some one if they want to buy a good washing machine or a bad one! You are looking for a solution to your problem, not looking for another problem to add on to your headache! 

Legal Loan Singapore 

Legal Loan Singapore was established to help people who need cash find the best licensed money lender easily. The media has portray money lenders in such a horrible light that people are afraid to go to them for a short term loan. Why go to a money lender instead of a bank? Well, this is because banks have longer processing time. Furthermore, banks have very strict criteria. It is not easy to get a loan from banks. License money lenders on the other hand are much easier. They understand that people need money and do not strike you off easily just because you may not have a super clean credit record. 

Do not worry, not all money lenders act like how the media portray them! At least not the money lenders we have found. Those listed above are completely opposite of what the media says. 

Like how our teachers have taught us, do not listen to just one side of the story, find out more! If you like to find out more about legal money lenders you can check out Ministry of Law’s website. Another way to find out more will be to call us at +65 6871 4268. We will answer any question that you may have!