How much do you Need to Travel With Singapore Airlines? (2017 Update)

Travel With Singapore Airlines
Travel With Singapore Airlines

Traveling by air these days has become a thing of compulsion to so many people in Singapore. Many airlines have come up with strategic ways to ensure that their customers are comfortable during flights. This is paramount to business growth. Many people do business in Singapore or for one reason, or the others have found themselves in the country. They could be there either for tourism, business, marriage, etc. You may fall in this category. Or, you may be a citizen who just hasn’t gotten an opportunity to travel by air. This piece is meant to enlightening you on the economic considerations you need to make before you make a decision.


Traveling with Singapore Airlines is a very rewarding experience. It will leave you wowed for days. There is a good deal for everyone! From those who fly economy to those who want to go the distance and get full suites!


The primary aim of the airline is comfort and safety for the passengers at affordable prices! There are many benefits that Singapore Airways bring to the economy. It contributes about $14.2 billion which is about 5.4%, to the national GDP through direct and indirect activities. The industry provides about S$1.5 billion in tax to public finance which includes employee tax. The government usually relies on generating almost $800 million as revenue annually.


The aviation industry in Singapore supports about 119,000 thousand jobs directly or through afflicted services. They also have very commendable pay as the average worker in the industry earns about $243,290 annually.


Flying with Singapore Airlines has so many advantages. Every flight class has something to offer.


Economy Class

Economy class offers personal comfort and personal space even when the person in front of you decides to recline their seat. Adjustable headrests and bolsters that provide comfort during the flight are available. Entertainment and meals have been carefully selected and designed to satisfy the customers. Promotions are available every once in a while to reduce the cost of travel. A new initiative brought about the Premium Economy class which allows for even more legroom. The current price range on the airline is about $699 on round trips.


Business Class

When traveling on business trips, you need to be at alert to dive into the business you traveled for as quickly as possible. Singapore Airlines keep this in mind when you fly with them ensuring that everything goes exactly as planned and you arrive ready and refreshed. Individual partitions ensure privacy. You can also adjust it to individual taste at any time. Furthermore, you can also stretch it out to a fully flat bed, complete with duvets, linens, and pillows. Special storage space is available for easy reach for your laptop and any position. Your meals can be book exactly to your specifications before departure.

Bearing in mind that you would most likely need your devices, like your laptops and phones, fully functional, USB, eXport and HDMI ports for charging your devices are available. Special trips may include testing social media internet features to ensure communications with the ground team, and other business transactions continue running smoothly. The business class comes in the regional business class for short flights. Currently, business class round trip tickets cost between $2-5 thousand, depending on the locations


First Class

Designed to satisfy the customer’s needs, privacy, comfort, special treatment, and individual attention. Your happiness is primary. Special attention is offering to you to ensure you have the things that satisfy you. Specifically, your favorite drink and meal, someone on hand to see if you need anything or to just privacy to let you be alone. The chairs are in curved partitions with retractable window blinds. Seats include adjustable lights that can change with the mood. From reading lights to a night light. Made even more affordable by regular promotions are done to encourage and reward patronage current first-class prices are about $16 thousand.



This is the height of air travel luxury and comfort. Single cabins with doors and window blinds, a chair, and a separate fully flatbed designed with wood and leather in warm, relaxing hues.

You do not get to share your personal space with anyone. No inconveniences. When traveling with another person, two adjourning cabins can combine to form one.


Meals are prepared by accomplished chefs from around the world, and these meals are brought onboard just for you. No plastic disposable plates for you. You will get top-line fine China, made specifically for the airline. Suites cost about $23,000 for round trips.


First-class, business class, and the suites get complimentary champagne throughout the flight. These also get priority boarding service. Singapore Airlines works with many companies to ensure that customers always get the most comfortable journey.


Other Services

Book the Cook

An online service that is available to the first class, business class, and suites for online booking of meals during the flight. Made by highly professional chefs and served restaurant-style in-flight. Bookings can be done up to 24 hours before takeoff. The menu usually includes special recipes created by the chefs.


PPS Club

This is a special service that rewards loyal customers. The more frequently you travel with the airline, the better your reward. These rewards usually include a bigger baggage allowance, personalized treatments in airports affiliated with SIA. Traveling with first class, and business class or in suites on SingaporeAir or SilkAir gains you PPS values. The Solitaire PPS Club members are a higher rate group that gets to share their privileges with others, like spouses.


On the Ground Services

SingaporeAir has associations with several hotels, car services, credit card companies that are of help to the customer when they strive to go to unknown destinations. Booking is usually done before takeoff. Utilizing these services will earn you flyer miles.


Job Opportunities

Apart from delivering excellent air travel services, SingaporeAir has a diverse range of employment opportunities and IT positions that bring so much benefit to you and gives you the opportunity to gain lots of experience. They also have scholarships and opportunities for furthering education.

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