Where to Travel When You’re on a Budget: Singapore’s Guide

Travel on a Budget. Singapore Edition
Travel on a Budget. Singapore Edition

Traveling is one of the best ways to relieve stress and enjoy a good time. However, not everyone gets to enjoy his trip due to unforeseen expenses. If you happen to travel on budget, you ought to consider your overall expense before actually getting into a trip. That way, you can enjoy a cost-efficient, fun outing.


When you opt to travel on budget, Singapore may be hardly on your list. With its high-cost living and classy tourist attractions, you would think it’s a pricey choice. However, Singapore is still an ideal destination as long as you have the right budget plan and the right bargain.


In Singapore, there are many places that you can visit without spending that much money. Here is a list of places to travel in Singapore when you’re on a budget:


Singapore Zoo

You can enjoy a variety of wild animals in this zoo’s well-maintained facilities. Also, aquatic activities can be experienced in its River Safari. All of these you get to enjoy at the price of 28 SGD.


Marina Bay

This is the newest and most fantastic tourist spot Singapore has yet to offer. Known for its superb urbanscape, it is also popular for its Marina Bay Sands, Skypark, Singapore Flyer, and the Helix Bridge. As for its prices, you can enjoy the Skypark for 23 SGD and the Singapore Flyer for 30 SGD.


Universal Studios

A Singapore trip would not be complete without a visit to the Universal Studios. Enjoy an entire day with amazing rides, attractions, and shows. With the price of 74 SGD, there is no better place that could put you in the scenes of your favorite movies than in this amusement park.



To experience a mix of different cultures, you ought to visit Chinatown. Its multi-cultural diversity offers artistically-ornamented Hindu sculptures and ancient Chinese temples. While in there, you can visit Sri Mariamman Temple, the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. You can also find a number of food stalls serving dishes from different cultures.


Singapore Botanic Garden

This is Singapore’s 52-hectare botanic garden which comprises the Rubber Trees, National Orchid Garden, and Jungle Walk. There is no entrance free except for the National Orchid Garden wherein its fee is very affordable. If you want a refreshing, nature-inclined kind of trip, you should definitely have this in your itinerary.


Hawker centers

If you want to take a bite without spending that much, you can satisfy your hungry tummies with just3-10 SGD. In hawker centers or food courts, you have a wide array of food to choose from. Other than that, you can explore different meals from other cultures.


The ones mentioned above are only a few places you can visit when you travel on budget. The best thing you ought to do is to research on the places you want to go in Singapore and determine their rates. From this, you can create a good budget plan as well as your itinerary for your travel. Hence, with the perfect budget and the right places, you will definitely have the best and most enjoyable trip!

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