Top 5 Amazing Tips to Make Your Credit Card Work for You (2016 Update)

Tips to Make Your Credit Card Work for You
Tips to Make Your Credit Card Work for You

5 Amazing Tips to Make Your Credit Card Work for You

Credit cards are frequently known as the root of debt and financial “slavery.” This is a profoundly subjective view propagated by our lack of prudence, misinformation or ignorance. The truth is, your credit card can work for you. Through prudent management, you can acquire stuff that you will not be able to afford on a short term at a fair interest rate, improve your credit rating, and get benefits through reward points.

Here’s how to make your credit card word for you.


1. Make Full Payments On Time

Always ensure that you settle all your credit card bills on time. This will help you to avoid unnecessary penalties and excess interests. In addition, also assist you in building a good credit score.

We understand that you are a busy person and how taxing it is to keep up with all these payments. Therefore, we recommend that you set up automated payments from your bank. You will also need to have alerts and reminders on your calendar to help follow through on these payments.


2. Know Each Card’s Billing Cycle and Payment Due Date

To make on time payments, understand the billing cycle and the payment due dates of your card. Here’s the deal, every month on a particular day all charges for that month are closed out and a statement is sent to you. This typically occurs every 25 to 31 days. On the statement, the amount indicated has a payment due date which ranges from 14 to 21 days from the date of the report. Any charges incurred in the overlap period are presented in the following month’s bill.

Payments made on or before the payment due date are not subjected to interest charges. Make the credit card work for you by keeping track of these dates and ensure that you make full payments at the right time, to minimize on interest charges and avoid penalties.


3. Limit Your Usage

You can use your credit card to limit your expenditure. To achieve this, set your credit card limit with the preferred amount by communicating with the card company. Credit card companies also support such moves by their clients primarily to help reduce the impact of fraud. By capping your limit according to your planned expenditure, your credit card will work for you. How? By managing your budget or better still, you can limit how much a dependent can spend every month.


4. Use the Card only for Planned Expenses

This is simple but often the least used principle of credit card management. Avoid carrying your card when you are heading to places where the opportunities and urge for impulse spending are high.

Use the card only for the “big” stuff and learn to project your bills before the statement gets to your inbox.


5. Earn from the Benefits

Credit card companies often extend loyalty points to their clients and have reward schemes for their most loyal customers. These advantages include hotel and restaurant discount coupons, extra frequent flier miles as well as many other add ons. To make your credit card work for you, use these opportunities to cut down on other costs that you frequently incur.

In conclusion, to make your credit card to work for you, you need to do the following. Understand the billing cycle. Be discreet on making timely and full payments and limit your usage according to your needs.  Ensure that you use the card only for planned expenses and take advantage of promotions and loyalty reward schemes.

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