Top 4 Tips Saving Money on Bills (2016 Update)

Tips on How to Save Money on Your Monthly Bills
Tips on How to Save Money on Your Monthly Bills

4 Tips on How to Save Money on Your Monthly Bills

Monthly bills are usually an added weight on most people’s shoulder. Unfortunately, this is a responsibility that we can’t escape. U nless, of course, if you are willing to live in the middle of the wilderness where civilization is an alien term.

The idea of being able to save a bundle on your monthly bills is an appealing one. Therefore, in this article, I’ll share the smart ways on how to save money on monthly bills.


1.   Take Advantage of the 0% Balance Transfer

If you are living in a country like Singapore wherein using a credit card is a standard thing, you have to know and be updated on the on going policies of most credit card issuers. Some credit cards require you to pay for every balance transfer transaction you made while others don’t. If you want to save some cash, choose a card issuer with 0% balance transfer.

No matter how small these fees are, they can still reduce the amount of savings you earn. This 0% balance transfer is ideal for those people who have multiple credit cards wherein your balance from one card will be transferred to another (mostly to pay off another debt).


2.   Cut Your Landline Connection

With the inventions of the mobile device such as smartphones, using the conventional seems like an obsolete thing. Except in the corporate world. Cut you landline connection at home so that you can save big time on your phone bill. Most people have cell phones nowadays, so there is only a slim chance of contacting them through landline. Moreover, most people will even opt to communicate online since it provides real time communication and mostly free.


3.   Shrink Your Electricity Bills

The electricity bill is a major contributor of our monthly expenses. This means that shrinking your electricity consumption can make a noticeable difference to your expenses. There are several ways to save some money in this department. You can do the conventional and unplug those devices that are not in use. Or you and your family can stay in one place so that you can limit the number of ventilation used simultaneously.

Another way to save money on monthly bills is to avoid using air condition often. If the ceiling or stand fan can suffice, then just be contented with it.


4.   Clean and Fix Things Yourself

I mean if you can do it yourself, then why not, right? Hiring a plumber is quite expensive, so contacting one for a minor problem is definitely not worth it. Furthermore, cleaning services are quite popular in Singapore recently and these things aren’t cheap either. So, allocate time to do the cleaning yourself and you’ll be surprise how much you’ve saved by the end of the month.

There are a lot of ways to save money on monthly bills, and the four tips above can certainly make a big difference in your savings. Unless you have a six digit salary to support a lavish life, I recommend doing these tips as early as now!

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