Three Can’t Miss Spots in South America


South America is Big and Full of Wonderful Things… Where Does One Even Start?

South America is home some of the world’s most glorious gems. Treasures produced by man and Mother Nature have collided in a unique way to create a land mass full of a wide range of beautiful things. Three might be a bit too small of a number, but we hope this article will fill you in on some of this continent’s spots that you simply can’t miss should you have the opportunity to check them out.

Machu Picchu, Peru


Buried atop the wild heights of the Andes Mountains, Machu Picchu perches like the jewel on a crown. Originally built by the people of the Inca civilization in the 15th century, this world heritage site has been amazingly preserved over the last half of a millennium. Peru is full of natural wonders, and Machu Picchu manages to safely remain as its most visited attraction.


Hidden deep within the Amazon jungle, this arrangement of limestone-carved architecture has often been referred to as the “Lost City.” Sitting at 8,000 ft high, Machu Picchu is arguably the world’s most impressive archaelogical site. Many options exist as far as tours and ways to arrive in the city, including overnight stays in the amazing city of Cusco (11,000 ft) and Aguas Calientes, or a hike that spans multiple days. October to April is the “rainy season” but it rains in the other months, too, so make sure to bring proper attire for such conditions.


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Though it is (maybe) not as wild and raucous as its famous South American city-sibling, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires is getting more and more acclaim as the continent’s most popular city for tourists. And for good reason, too!


If you are into tango, this is where that sultry form of dance was born! The neighborhoods of this European-influenced metropolis blaze with a flare that is distinctly Latin American. The whole city buzzes with a lively, sexy, and healthy sense of zest and confidence. The residents are determine but friendly. And the city is truly one of a kind. Enjoy the architecture of the old theatres and basilicas that highlight the awe inspiringly alive plazas. In addition, you can also eat from the selections of delicious Argentinean cuisine. Other than that, you can check out their world class art museums. And maybe take a walking tour or two to get yourself quickly accustomed to the ins and outs of this seductive city.


Gramado, Brazil


It is no Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo; it’s not even Ipanema. Still, the mountain village of Gramado is a magical and unique choice for a stop in South America. If you’re burnt out on the nature and don’t feel like a deep trek into the Amazon, Gramada is a beautiful marriage of nature and civilization. It has been designed especially for the tourist. Even though it is Brazilian, it gives off a feeling that is often consider to be akin to a Swiss Alpine village. Experience in nature are at your fingertips. But Gramado remains a cozy respite from the hustle and bustle of most of South America.




South America is an amazing continent with a wealth of opportunities for the traveler. There are many great cities, incredible villages, and once-in-a-lifetime journeys into nature that await the adventurous… What are you waiting for?

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