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There is so many licensed moneylender in Singapore, how do you know who to choose? Who should you borrow from? We have mention a few moneylenders above. Why should you choose them? We have gone down to their offices to take a look for ourselves. These money lenders have pass all the tests and criteria that we have in mind for a great money lender.

These money lenders are able to provide loans on your preferred payment term. This means that they will be able to provide you loans on monthly payment terms. This is one of the better options because most of us only get our salary once a month. But if you get your pay every week or you have additional side income to supplement your income, a weekly payment may be great. A weekly payment will ensure that you pay off your loan slowly. Furthermore, if you are able to repay the loan within a week, you will only have to pay interest for one week! As compared to a monthly loan.

Do consider carefully before you choose which payment term is most suitable for you. In addition, their loans have a lower interest rates compared to other moneylenders in the market. A low interest rate plus flexible repayment schedule will ensure you can make your repayments comfortably. Depending on your needs, these legal money lenders will be able to work out a plan which you are comfortable in. If you have any other financial obligations, please let them know as well. If you provide them with more information, they will be able to create a better loan payment plan for you.

The licensed money lenders that we list are located near Tampines and Pasir Ris. You may think that they are out of the way. But Singapore is so small and convenient to travel around with our efficient MRT and bus systems. Furthermore, isn’t it better to get a loan from a reliable money lender than someone near you who is absolutely horrible.

We have gone down personally to survey their staff and office. Our findings plus all the reviews we have seen online confirm our findings. These money lenders are one of the best in Singapore. You can do a check on them yourself. 

Especially, We find out Accredit Pte Ltd is the best Moneylender in Tampines. The office is located nearby Tampines MRT.

Fill in a basic application form if you need a loan. We will assist you by sending out the application form to all the money lenders that we think are good and reliable. Legal Loan Singapore is here to help you shorten the whole searching process 🙂 

Do give us some time as we are relatively new, we will need time to visit all the legal and license money lenders. Not to worry, all the moneylenders in Singapore are on our schedule to visit. We will do our best to visit them as soon as possible.