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An emergency situation can surface at any time. We are often taught to have money set aside for rainy days. But how often do we do that? Sometimes we are unable to do so because of daily expenses. Other times it can be because we have responsibilities. Like taking care of our parents or our kids. As we get older, we have more things to pay for, more responsibilities to handle. Thus when an emergency occur, it usually demands a solution immediately. This is irregardless of which day of the week it is.


The problem will not knock on your door only when you the cash. It will happen at any time and you may not be prepared for it. Now when that happens, you need to have cash on hand. Do you have that spare cash set aside right now? If your answer is no, is there anyone you can approach? Your family, friends or even your colleagues. Now if they are able to lend you the money you require, it will be great! Your problems will be solved. But what if they are unable to help you as well? Your other options will be banks and license money lenders.


Banks are notorious for their long waiting time. You have to submit a form and wait for them to do their necessary checks. Sometimes they will require additional information from you, thus dragging the process even longer. This is extremely frustrating especially when need the cash urgently. In addition, licensed money lenders are not all open on weekends as well.


When you require a loan urgently, it is not easy to find a good moneylender especially one that is open on the weekends. If this is happening to you, not to worry. We have found a few licensed moneylender open on Sunday to help you meet your cash needs. Their loan can be process quickly which allows you to get the money fast and still enjoy your weekends.


Sunday Moneylender are not plenty. To find one is hard, to find a Sunday moneylender that is reliable is even harder! The money lenders that we mention above are a rare breed. They are open on Sundays plus they provide excellent service. Our teams have reported back that they are extremely please with the services rendered. These legal and license money lenders provided the right recommendation. In addition, one of them even provided us with a recommendation that help us to save on interest payable!


If you are in need of cash, you can consider the money lenders above. We are pretty sure that they will be able to help you with all your needs. You can call them to find out more. Or you can also visit their office to check out how they operate before actually taking a loan. After all, it is a free consultation. Plus this will let help you to find out if they are the right lenders for you! 


Any further questions that you may have, you can feel free to drop us a message. If you’re looking to take a loan, please kindly fill in a basic application form. Not to worry, the form does not require you to key in any sensitive information. It is just a simple form allowing the money lenders to know more about your cash needs. We will help you by sending the form out to the licensed money lenders above. This is so that you are able to get an answer faster from multiple money lenders.


Legal Loan Singapore is still in the midst of viewing all the money lenders in Singapore. Do note that it will take us time to survey all the moneylenders in Singapore. This is because we do multiple viewings before we decide if a money lender is reliable. We will update our site as soon as we find any other eligible money lenders. When we find them, we will list them on our site immediately.