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It isn’t easy to get a loan from banks because of their strict criteria. The slightest hint of bad credit and they may reject your loan application. Licensed moneylenders are the next best option. However, the need for money can arise on any day of the week. Problems don’t stop approaching you just because it’s the weekends. They do not take a break like we do. 


Murphy’s Law can happen any time to anyone. It is hard to find a Sunday licensed money lender, it’s even harder to find a good licensed money lender open on Sunday! We have heard so many horror stories regarding money lenders behaving like loan sharks. If you are having a hard time looking for a good money lender, we are the solution!


To help everyone who needs cash find a good money lender, we have gone to many different money lenders to check them out. We put these money lenders through a lot of tests and the money lenders above have come up as one of the best money lenders you will find in Singapore. This is not an exaggeration. We have been to their office personally to check out the place and how they operate. In addition, you will be find tons of feedback on them online. Furthermore, one of the money lenders even have hand written reviews hanging on their wall! 


After servicing thousands of clients, these money lenders will know what exactly you require. Their loan packages are customize to suit your problems. Any problem that you may have, you can safely tell them. They will know exactly what kind of loan to provide you. Especially after so many years in the country, these money lenders are able to pin point exactly how to solve your situation.


Have you taken a loan from them before? If yes, do let us know what you think about them by dropping us a message! We are still visiting different money lenders. Do not worry, we will update our site as soon as we find any reliable money lender! 


If you need a loan, do not hesitate to approach the money lenders. You can always drop by their office for a free consultation. All your questions will be answered by their experienced loan consultants. If you like to apply for a loan, you can do so here, we will help you to expedite by sending your application form to the other money lenders. 

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Glad to have a great moneylender especially on the weekends. Called so many and was told that they only operate on weekdays.
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