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There are not a lot of licensed money lenders open on the weekends especially Sunday. As such, Legal Loan Singapore has put “Money Lender Open on Sunday” as one of the top criteria. Why is this even an important criteria? This is because most of us have to work on weekdays. Because of this, we do not have a lot of time to travel down to the money lender’s office if we need a loan. Plus it will be easier to go on weekends some times. This is because you may have to work overtime during your working days. Or perhaps you have to rush home to spend some family time.


These money lenders operate early in the day on weekends. Allowing you to go to their office, get all the paper work done and be able to spend the rest of the day with your family. Money lenders operating on weekends are rare because like normal office, their staff needs to rest as well. 


This is why a money lender that is open on Sunday is very important. Of course this is not the only criteria. There are many other criteria in our checklist before we list them on our site. To find a Sunday legal moneylender is not easy and you may have to make a lot of calls to check. To help you with your problem, we have found you a few good and open on Sunday money lenders.


They are probably one of the few Sunday legal money lender. In addition to that, they provide a wide variety of loans to not only Singaporeans but also Permanent Residents and Foreigners. These money lenders understand that any one may run into cash problems. As such, they are here to provide access to fast cash to everyone in Singapore. Of course you have to be working before they will provide you with a loan. This is because they want to make sure that you will be able to make the repayment. They do not want you to sink further into debt. 


If you encounter and trouble or difficulties, you do not have to feel embarrassed. Approach them and let them help you with your problems. That is what they are there for. Throughout the years they have help many people get over their problems. So anything that you are encountering now, they may have solved it before.


Drop us a message or you may want to call us at +65 6871 4268 for any thing that you may want to ask. Our team will be more than happy to answer your queries. Everyone in Legal Loan Singapore has been train to answer any question that you may have on taking loans or money lenders. 


Alternatively, you can submit a basic application form to check your eligibility for a loan. We will send it out to the different money lender above to speed up your process. This will help you to get your cash at a faster speed. Furthermore, you will not need to waste time filling and sending in application forms to different lenders. 

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thankfully there's a moneylender open on weekends near me. totally forgot i had to pay my kid's tuition fees on monday!
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