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It is hard to get access to cash especially on the weekends. This is because banks do not or seldom operate on weekends. Even if they do, it isn’t for long hours. Thus, it will not be easy for you to get cash for your needs. These needs can vary from overdue bills to medical emergency or even travelling. The harsh truth is that everything requires money. Without money, you are limited to the things you can do. Sometimes you need the cash and not want it. Even though our parents and teachers have taught us to always save for a rainy day, very few of us actually do that. Not because we do not believe in what they say. But because expenses are so high, we just do not have that kind of cash lying around.


Often, we have to resort to borrowing. We all know what a pain in the ass it is to borrow money. Plus you may not want your family and friends to know what is going on. With banks not open as well, licensed money lenders will be your only solution. Now, to find a money lender is not that hard. But to findthem on on the weekends is even harder. This is especially moneylender open on Sunday. Money lenders are humans as well. Their offices are close on the weekends, thus you may not be able to get the necessary cash fast.


To help you solve your problems, Legal Loan Singapore is here to help you. We have gone around to several money lenders to take a look. If we do not feel that they are reliable or good, we will not list them here. This is because we do not want to waste your time in looking for a money lender. It is already a big headache to raise the money required.


Right now, we have list a few money lenders near Serangoon and Kovan. If you need a loan, you can be assured that they are the best money lender. Plus, they are open everyday. Yes, that means they are one of the few money lenders open on Sunday. This solves so many problems because Sundays is an off day for most people. Thus allowing you to have more time to apply for a loan instead of rushing over after work or during lunch time.


How do we know they are the best? Well, after sending multiple groups of people down to survey plus taking actual loans from them, we came to this conclusion. We did actually take a loan from them to experience how they will behave. Is this important? Should you even bother or consider this before taking a loan? Why yes of course. Did you not hear about the stories of how some money lenders harass their clients when they are just 1 day late on payment? We are sure that you want to avoid anything like this. Getting a loan is suppose to help you solve your problems not add on to it. As if our lives are not hard enough!


What we can gather after viewing their office multiple times is that they provide excellent service to all their clients. We defaulted on the loans on purpose to test how they will react. All we got was a call from their debt collection team informing us that our loan was due. When we inform that we will be paying late, they merely asked us what happened and told us the total amount including the late charges. No shouting or aggressive tactics from them. Everything was smooth and easy.


Doing a search on them online, we can also find numerous reviews from all their clients. Their experience and how they were helped. We are pretty confident in the money lenders that we have list. They are definitely one of the best in Singapore right now. If you are in any sort of financial difficulty right now, you can always approach these money lenders to help you solve that problem. 


Legal Loan Singapore is still in the midst of surveying and viewing all the legal and licensed moneylenders available in Singapore. Please do give us some time to finish visiting all the money lenders. This is because we usually spend a minimum of 2 weeks surveying each money lender. Then it will be followed with another 1 to 2 months of additional survey if they pass the basic criteria. This additional step of surveying is to ensure that these money lenders consistently deliver the same service.


As we are only a small team of people, it will take us time to finish going around the country no matter how small Singapore is. If you have been to any of these money lenders please let us know, we will like to know what you think about them! You can also drop us a message if you have any questions that you need answers to. Alternatively, you can call us at +65 6871 4268 for a faster response. 

+65 6871 4268