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We understand that people will need more money because of some problems. Kids, parents, accident or even your own personal health. When that happens, all people can usually think of is how they can raise the money fast. It isn’t easy to do so. Because if you do not have a lot of money set aside for emergencies like this, you will have to turn to your family and friends. Even when you do turn to them, it does not mean that they will have or even lend you the money.

Your next best bet will be banks or license money lenders. Banks often have a long processing time. This is because they have multiple checks. And even if you are willing to wait, your application may also be rejected. If you need the money urgently, legal money lenders will be your best option.

However, it isn’t easy to find a good money lender in Singapore. Yes, there are many money lenders for you to choose from. But you will have to spend time going around looking and checking them out. To help you shorten your search process, Legal Loan Singapore is created. We are here to help you find the best legal moneylenders in Singapore. The money lenders above will be able to provide you with quick cash loans. However, you have to be a working adult in Singapore. But this means that anyone, Singaporeans, PRs and even Foreigners are eligible to apply as long as you are working.

We have listed a few money lenders near to Seng Kang and Punggol that we think are pretty reliable. As of now, there are no legal or license money lenders in Seng Kang and Punggol. If anyone claims to have an office there, you can be certain that they are without a license. At the time this page is created there are no license money lender in that area. If there is any now that we have missed out, please let us know through our contact form. We will immediately schedule them for a review. The review will be done by us sending our people down to have a look at their office environment, service etc. Furthermore, this will be done over a span of 2 weeks. This means that we will not base our decision on one survey alone. 

For the money lenders above, you can do a quick search online. You will find that these money lenders in Singapore have a strong positive image. In addition, to confirm the reviews we saw, we have gone down to their office as well. These money lenders are indeed one of the best. Once you step into their office, it does not feel like the traditional money lender offices. In the past, many money lenders have messy and dirty offices. Furthermore, some even have lingering cigarette smell as they smoke in the office itself! The money lenders above are nowhere like them. Their offices are all clean and professional looking. 

We believe that everyone has the right to access to cash. Of course within your means because we do not want you to run into more financial difficulty. Borrow responsibly. If you do not need the cash or think that you may need the cash, then do not borrow. Only borrow when it is necessary. Remember that when you borrow money you are require to repay with interest. Think wisely if you actually need a loan before approaching any money lender.

Legal Loan Singapore is a relatively new site, thus please give us some time to review all the money lenders in Singapore. We are scheduling them every day however as we visit each location more than once, it will take time for us to conclude. Some locations even take more than 1 month because we take an actual loan from them to test out their debt collection department. Of course, this does not mean we take loans from every money lender. We will only do that for the money lenders that seems to be trustworthy. We are determine to find the best money lenders in Singapore for your cash needs 😉 

We are here to assist your problems, feel free to contact us any time of the day if you have any questions regarding legal money lenders. We will get back to you as soon as possible! 🙂 If you need an immediate answer, you can also call us at +65 6871 4268

+65 6871 4268