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In need of cash?

With so many license money lenders in Singapore, who should you go to for a loan? Furthermore, there are countless horror stories of how people got into major troubles because of legal money lenders and loansharks. Also, are you able to differentiate between legal and illegal moneylenders?


Firstly, you must know that legal money lenders and loan sharks are very different. Legal money lenders only operate from their office. Loan sharks on the other hand will operate through SMS and phone calls. Why do they not have an office front? Well, duh. They are illegal in the eyes of law! Thus, they will never have an office space where you will be able to see them face to face!


Secondly, dealing with money lenders means that there is the law to protect you. If you get a loan from loan sharks, you can make a police report if anything happens. But can anything else be done? Not really. Loan sharks can come at any time of the day to harass you. We are certain that you have heard of how loan sharks splash paint at people’s door. Or even set fire on people’s door. The police will not be able to guard your house around the clock.


There are so many more reasons and difference between license and unlicensed money lenders. Do note that if you do acquire a loan from illegal money lenders, you may get yourself into more trouble than before. As of now, there are no legal or licensed moneylenders in Redhill, Outram Park or Tiong Bahru. If there are, please do let us know. We may have overlook the list as we are trying to visit all the money lenders in Singapore as soon as possible. 


Licensed money lenders as above will be able to provide a wide variety of loans! They provide personal, payday and monthly loans. In addition to that they also have foreigner and business loans. Some even provide debt consolidation services! If you are interested in taking a loan, you can call the money lenders to find out more on how you will be able to do so. Otherwise, you can also visit their office for a free one on one consultation! If you do not see anything that is suitable for you, not to worry. License money lenders tend to customise loan deals just to suit your situation. 


If you have any questions regarding licensed money lenders, feel free to drop us a message. If you need an answer fast, you can also call us at +65 6871 4268. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have.


Legal Loan Singapore is here to help you source for the best moneylender in Singapore. Due to the fact that we only have a small team, we have yet to finish visiting every money lender. Thus, do give us more time. Once we find any reliable or good money lenders, we will update this site immediately. 

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