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Looking to get a short term loan?


If you are looking to get a short term loan you can always approach a bank or a licensed money lender. However do know that banks have a longer processing time. Sometimes it takes more than a week before you get an answer from the bank. And when you do, you may be rejected. This means you have wasted 7 full days to get rejected.


There is another option which is legal money lenders. There are so many legal and license money lenders in Singapore, how do you know who to get a loan from? That’s what Legal Loan Singapore is here for. We are here to help you survey and find the best lender. We have spend many weeks going to different money lenders to find out more about them. Right now, we have found a few legal money lenders that we think are absolutely great and they are listed above. 


We have found a few of the best money lender near orchard. These money lenders have all sorts of loan packages just to suit your needs. Not only are we certain that they have the right type of loan for you, they also have the lowest interest you can find among moneylenders


Don’t just trust what we say, you can visit them to find out more. Drop us a message for any further clarification on licensed money lenders. You can also choose to fill in an application form! We will direct this application to the money lenders above. This will help you to reduce the amount of time spent filling in forms. If we do get a reply from the money lenders, we will notify you. By doing this, you will get an in principle approval so that you do not have to waste time travelling around. Furthermore, it is a higher chance of you getting a loan.


Any other questions that you may have, you can call us at +65 6871 4268

+65 6871 4268

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