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Licensed Moneylender Review

Is this your first time taking a loan from licensed moneylenders in Singapore? If your answer is yes, remember to look through moneylender review before deciding on which moneylender to approach. Nowadays, reviews play a big role before anyone makes a decision on what to buy or even eat. This is no exception for the money lending industry. Why? This is because in every industry there are black sheep. And you will want to avoid them.


Please do not ask us to provide a list of unreliable money lenders. We will not be doing anything like this because we do not believe in name shaming. Furthermore, at the point that we review them, they may not be exceptionally good but it doesn’t mean that they are still that way now. Their management may have done a review and change some things. Thus, we will only be providing a list of money lenders that we think are pretty reliable. 


If you notice the licensed money lenders listed above, you must be wondering why these two are listed out of so many. After looking through all the moneylenders in Singapore, we have concluded that the two above are one of the best. We have heard many wonderful and great reviews about them. Thus after looking through various sources which provides moneylender review, we have concluded that these two moneylenders are probably one of the best in Singapore right now. 


Legal Loan Singapore – Source to find good money lenders 


If you have any questions regarding taking a loan from legal licensed moneylender, you can also contact us at +65 6871 4268 and we will do our best to answer your questions. If you have anything you will like to say regarding the money lenders we have listed here, please drop us a message. Do note that we are still visiting the different money lenders. We will update this site once we find any suitable money lenders. 

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Yup! Totally agree with them, went to both of them and both were awesome
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