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If you are looking for a loan and can’t find one especially on the weekends. This is because many moneylenders do not operate on the weekends. To find a licensed money lender open on Sunday is harder than striking the lottery. Many moneylender only open from Monday to Friday, at most Saturday as well. 


Luckily for you, you have manage to find our site. Right now, we have listed the best money lenders open on weekends. Do note that they are not open on public holiday. Everyone needs a break 😉 With that being said, know that these money lenders are willing to open pass their opening hours just to cater to you. 


We have tried this out ourselves. By making an appointment with them pass their opening hours. We mention that we need the cash urgently but will only be able to come at 6PM (on a Sunday). They told us not a problem and that they will be expecting us later! How many moneylender do you know that are willing to do that? Not many! Especially when we were coming an hour after their closing time. 


Unsure of how to take a loan or what is required, you can call them to find out. Consultations are always free of charge. After hearing from them, if you like to confirm what you’ve been told, you can call us at +65 6871 4268. Licensed money lenders often provide monthly loans and we strongly advice that you take that option. Why? Because you only receive your salary once a month. If you choose to accept the weekly payment option, how are you going to make the payments? This will only result in more debt because you will face late charges when ever you can’t make the necessary payment on the due date. 


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Really dont know how many times I can say thank you to them. Gave me a loan even after many people rejected me. Too bad for those who rejected!! Since I paid everything on time. HAH!
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