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Best Money Lenders Reviews

We have select the top money lenders reviews to feature them on our site. After looking through so many licensed money lender reviews and google maps, we conclude that the money lenders above are one of the best. 


To ensure that they are indeed the best, we have send our people down to check it out. From the money lenders reviews, we can see that they have top notch service and professional staff. For comparison, we have also survey other money lenders in the area and other parts of Singapore as well. Do note that we have yet to finish visiting all the legal money lenders in Singapore but they are indeed one of the better ones. 


There are so many money lenders in Singapore so instead of having to comb through page after page we have consolidate all the good money lenders here for you. 


Why do we bother to do this? Because as ex borrowers ourselves, we understand the pain and trouble in looking for a good money lender. And what’s worse is that we think that every thing is going well but in actual fact, they are not reliable. To save everyone the trouble and headaches, we have come up with this site helping anyone who need cash to get access to it fast. Some of us may need cash immediately, resulting in people settling for a money lender even though they may not be comfortable with it. Thus have a look at what we have found above. We are very certain that those money lenders will be able to help you with all your cash problems. 


Legal Loan Singapore

Legal Loan Singapore is set up to help you find the best licensed moneylenders in Singapore. We are still visiting money lenders and will be updating this site as soon as we find other equally good money lenders. As our team is small, we do not have the manpower to visit all the money lenders immediately. Thus do give us time as we conduct our surveys. Our surveys is not just visit, talk to them and leave. We will also take many other factors into consideration. 


If you have any license money lender in Singapore that you will like us to visit first, do let us know here. We will do our best to slot them into our schedule! 🙂 


Remember, always borrow from banks or licensed money lenders. Avoid unlicensed moneylenders aka loan sharks. Loan sharks are notorious for their harassment tactics. In addition, people who borrow from loan sharks often find themselves in more debt. This is due to high interest rates from loan sharks or tactics that do not allow people to clear their loans. 


If you are unsure about your current lender, whether they are legal or illegal, you can give us a call at +65 6871 4268. We will be able to help you figure out and even advice you on what your next course of action should be. 

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been to quick credit for a one month loan. very fast processing, great place great people. will confirm go back if i ned money again
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