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Licensed Money Lenders near Jurong East 


Do you live in Jurong area or near Jurong? Or perhaps you work at Jurong area? Did you know there are a few money lenders near jurong east? But how many of these money lenders are actually good? Are there even any good ones in Jurong at all? 


We have help you by going around Jurong area to find the best money lenders in the area. Here we have list license money lenders in Singapore operating near or in Jurong East.


Why did we choose them as the best? This is because of their service and reviews. They provide top notch service to their borrowers. From their reviews we can see that they have often open pass their opening hours to cater to their borrowers. From this action, we can see that they really care about their borrowers. As some people may not be able to come before closing and really need the cash. Furthermore, this also helps borrowers to be avoid late charges. How many money lenders in Singapore do you know that actually do that? Most of them actually want you to incur the late charges!


Are they really that good? 


Did we actually verify that they are as good as how people describe them to be? Yes we did! We have people pretending to be interested borrowers throwing different kinds of situations at them. We have also tried to make their lives difficult by asking them hard questions. Furthermore, one of the teams took an actual loan to test out their entire service. To get even more accurate answers, they have intentionally paid their loan late. In doing so, they were able to test out how their debt collection will be like. Not all of us are paying late on purpose. But there can be reasons why this happened. Perhaps you forgot or you had to work late and did not have the time.


Their debt collection team has been nothing but pleasant. They understand why we are unable to make payment on the due date and inform us to transfer the next day instead. We were shock at how nice they were at the whole situation. Especially after hearing so many horror stories of how some money lenders go full on rage mode just because you made a late payment. 


You can find out more about them online by searching their company name and looking at all the reviews. Otherwise, can also give them a call to ask them any question that you may have! These money lenders seems to be the more reliable and trustworthy ones in Singapore right now. 


Other than their good service, they are also situated very close to the MRT. This means convenience for you as you won’t have a hard time searching for their office. It is all within walking distance and around 5 to 10 minutes walk only! 


Legal Loan Singapore


Legal Loan Singapore is an independent site trying to provide you with good licensed money lenders. If you have any comments or suggestions please drop us a message. If you have any questions about money lender, you can also drop us a message or call us at +65 6871 4268. We will be glad to help you with any queries that you may have.


Any money lender that you have been to before, if you have anything to say about them we love to hear it. We appreciate every feedback that we receive. This is because it will help to facilitate our work. Anything good or bad that you have to say, you can rest assure that we will not reveal to the money lenders your true name. Everything will be kept confidential, this includes your email address. 

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good location, didn't have to walk far to the jurong one. my loan was approve quite quickly as well.
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