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It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular borrower or first time borrower. You should always look through the money lender review before going to any moneylender for a loan. Why is this so? This is because a licensed moneylender that has been good in the past doesn’t mean that it will still perform at the same level now.


By updating yourself on the latest customer reviews, at least you can be assured that they are still up to your standards. Money lender review are even more important for first time borrowers. This is because you have never been to one before and do not know they operate. Money lender review will be able to assist you in making your decision or at least help you list down a few possible good moneylenders. 


The moneylenders listed above are one of the rare few good money lenders in Singapore. After looking through money lender reviews on Google and Moneylenders Singapore, we realise that they have constantly been performing well. Performing well in the sense that they provide customers with what they need. Furthermore, they do not harass their clients unlike certain moneylenders. Legal Loan Singapore has also send people posing as clients to money lenders to see how they are like. Great reviews from all the people who have been to their office before as well. 


Beware of people who claim to be licensed money lenders and offer you loans through phone calls or SMS. Please note that Singapore only allow licensed money lenders to operate through their office. Legal licensed moneylenders are not allowed to do cold calls or SMS you asking if you need a loan. These are all works of illegal moneylender aka loan sharks. Loan sharks are well known for their terrible ways when collecting repayment. There have been news articles on how loan sharks splash paint on borrower’s door. Even on the day before chinese new year! Heartless creatures out to tear you apart to get every cent available that you have.


Not sure if this company is a legal money lender or not? Look through the list of license and legal money lender available on the government website. Ministry of Law, IPTO governs the money lenders in Singapore. They definitely have a list of legal money lenders on their website. 


If you have any questions regarding borrowing from licensed moneylenders or wondering if you have encounter a loan shark? Call us at +65 6871 4268! We will help you in every way we can. If we are did not pick up your call, you can drop us a message at admin@legalloansingapore.com 🙂 Beware that loansharks can be very convincing when they are trying to convince people that they are legal money lenders. 

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