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Not everyone has set aside money for a rainy day. Even though we have been taught to do that. reality doesn’t always allow us to do that. When an emergency occurs or sudden bills come up, it is very hard for any normal working adult to cough up the money. The first source that we will turn to is often our family and friends. Just because they are our family and friends doesn’t mean that they will lend us the money for sure. Very so often, they will not lend us the money or only partial sum as they have their own expenses. This can disrupt our daily life because it is not expected. 


Another option will be to approach banks. However, banks have very strict criteria. In addition to that, even if you are approved by them, it will take days to process your loan application. You may need the money urgently or immediately but it does’t mean that you will be able to get it from banks. Plus, you may end up waiting for days only to get rejected by the bank. This will be so frustrating because you will be expecting the money. Furthermore, you need the money to solve your problem. But now, you are getting nothing and your problem still exists. 


The next best option will be to approach a licensed money lender in Singapore. There are plenty of moneylenders in Singapore but how do you know who to approach? You can look for the moneylenders listed on our site to help you with your cash problems. We know that they are one of the best moneylender you can find in Singapore. They are open everyday even on the weekends. After hearing so many raving reviews and reading about it online, we have concluded that they are the best. In addition, we have also been to the money lenders ourselves to check them out. We are please to inform you that they are as good as people 


To find out more about the moneylenders listed on our site, you can search for them on Google Maps or look through Moneylenders Singapore for reviews about them. In addition, you can also call them to inquire. If you will like a 3rd party’s answer, you can look through Ministry of Law’s website or call us at +65 6871 4268! 🙂 


Do not be shy about approach a moneylender, they are just providing a service that we need. It is not wrong to get a loan when you need it. It is nothing embarrassing as anyone and everyone can suddenly run into problems. Just treat it as a helping hand for this period of time. Look at all the successful people today, they are not all born rich. Many of them had assistance from other people, many of them even had to clean the floors in the past!


We should not be too quick to judge money lenders. Not all money lenders are horrible people. Money lenders in fact are a source of help for many people. 

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