How can You Save from Your Expenses? (2016 Update)

Save from your expenses
Save from your expenses

How Can You Save From your Expenses

The money that you earn and how you put it to use is a very important part of life. It reflects the place you live in, the vehicle you drive and nearly everything that you do. So it is quite important to manage your money properly. Here are some great ways to become better at managing your expenditures and hopefully be able to save some of it.


Calculate Your Expenses

Calculate your expenditures and see where your money is being spent. Take a closer look at what your needs really are. You will definitely be surprised once you see the results of your calculation. This will help you to discover that you are spending too much money on a few areas but know that these small expenses really do add up quickly.

You can start tracking your money by keeping the receipts or you can simply write your expenses on a register or a diary. In addition, you can also make use of a spreadsheet or even a budgeting app. The most important thing is that you keep a record of the money that you are spending. Even the guilty splurged must be recorded. Now you don’t have to worry about if the money spent is for something good or bad as all is being recorded to clearly understand your expenses.


Make a Budget

Build up a budget, or if you like, go with a spending plan. To manage your expenses and be financially ready, you must spend less than what you earn. Keep track of sources of your earnings and when you get them. Then check how much of your earning is really spent on monthly necessities and bills. Make plans about your spending or saving the remaining amount.

After getting results of a month, you will begin to cut down on unnecessary expenses. While making your budget remember to save some money for irregular bills like car insurance or unseen expenses. Keep a check on your budget every months.


Spend Less than You Earn

Now that you have got a complete idea about where your money is being spent, you can start to save up some money. To be stable financially, you must put aside some percentage of your paycheck. If you are new to handling money, you may not be used to saving up and may end up spending as you earn.

Starting to save 10% of what you earn is an excellent start. Once you get used to it you can gradually increase to 20% and more. Credit cards are the main reason a lot of people are broke. Save yourself from it by putting a stop to its use and pay off the current debts that you have if you’re unable to control the use of your credit card.

Develop a mindset to live with: “If you can’t pay it in cash you simply can’t afford it.”. Once you learn to save from your earnings, you will find it easier to live.

If you need an easy way to control and track your expenses, consider downloading an app for it! Some of the apps that you may consider are Wally, Billguard and Dollarbird! Are you in a sudden need of cash? As the best moneylender in Singapore, we will be able to meet your financial needs. Contact us if you are in need of a loan 🙂

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