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List of Licensed Moneylender 

Here we have a list of licensed moneylender in Singapore. But wait, aren’t there more legal money lenders in Singapore? So why is our list so short? Well, this is because we only want to show you the best money lenders available! Instead of showing you all the money lenders in Singapore, we have help you to filter out better ones. These money lenders are more likely able to fulfill your cash needs at a reasonable interest rate. In addition, we understand that the money lenders above provide flexible repayment plans. 

According to their websites, they provide monthly loans, payday loans, business loans, foreigner loans and even debt consolidation! From their sites, we can tell that they provide loans to Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and even Foreigners working in Singapore! 

So, the big question is how do they stand out from other money lenders? What makes them better that others? 

Why are they the best money lenders in Singapore? 

Well, that’s because they provide monthly repayment plans! Monthly repayment plans is a huge deal breaker for us. If a legal money lender does not offer that, we are out the door instantly. Why? Because most of us only get paid once a month! If the repayment is on a weekly basis or even bi weekly basis, where are we going to get the money to meet the payment? And if we do not make the payment, it will end up with late charges. That means additional money going out of our pockets! You do not have enough money in the first place, that is why you are looking for a money lender. So why give them that chance to get extra money from you? 

The money lenders above provide monthly loans that tie with your pay day! This means that you can be sure that you are able to make the necessary repayment to pay off your debt. If you are paid daily or even weekly, you will be able to afford a weekly repayment loan. In fact, that will be even better for you. Why? This is because if you are only taking a loan for, lets say 2 weeks, these money lenders that we have found will give you a 2 week interest loan! Comparing it to a loan of 4 weeks, you will be saving 2 weeks of interest!

2 weeks of interest is a lot of money, especially since it can mean buying your family another meal. Or even use it as your transport fare for another week or month. Maybe it can buy your kids a new toy or something nice to eat! Thus, depending on how often you receive your pay, when you receive your pay, they will customise a loan package just for you 😉

Take into consideration your situation and your ability to make repayments before choosing which loan package or deal you should go for. 

Legal Loan Singapore

Every penny saved is a penny earned! Isn’t that what we were all taught in school by our teachers and our parents. Every penny counts when you do not have enough money to tide you over. 

Legal Loan Singapore has manage to find good licensed money lenders that provide such good deals. If you want to know more about them, you can search for them online or give them a call. Their number is listed above and we are sure they will be willing to answer all your questions. If you have any questions for us, you can call us at +65 6871 4268

Do give us some time to survey more license money lenders. Once we find any other reliable money lenders, we will do our best to update our site as soon as possible. If you like to be updated even faster than every one else, give us a call! We may have short list other money lenders just did not have the time to sit down at our desk to update! 

We understand that time is precious, that is why we create this site to connect you to the better money lenders. This is to help you reduce the amount of time spent on sourcing for a reliable money lender. Unreliable money lenders are dime a dozen. Do you prefer to approach an unreliable but convenient money lender? Or do you want to approach a reliable money lender even though they may not be very near you? Choose wisely! Because going to a not so reliable money lender may give you more trouble than solving your problems! 

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