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Are you trying to find a list of legal money lender? You don’t have to try to hard anymore. Why is that so? Because Legal Loan Singapore has done all the work for you. Our small team of people have gone out and visited many legal money lenders to find out which are the best. We have yet to finish visiting all the money lenders so this is not the final list of good money lenders in Singapore. 

Right now, those stated on our site above are one of the good moneylenders in Singapore. As there are more than 100 license money lenders in Singapore, please give us time to survey all of them. But for now, these are some of the better money lenders we have found. We are working hard every week to find you more good money lenders. 

We base our conclusions on their office environment and their staff conduct. In addition to that, we also look out for their debt collectors. We talk to them to get a feel of how they will be like on the actual payment date. Furthermore, we have also look through numerous reviews about them. Last of all, we did take an actual loan from them to fully understand how they will treat their customers. After doing so many rounds of testing, we are please to conclude that they are indeed better than other money lenders. 

As of now, our team is out sourcing for more reliable money lenders to add to our list. If you have any questions regarding legal money lender, you can contact them directly. Their numbers and addresses are above. If no one picked up the phone, which is not very possible, you can drop them an email. Basic contact information on them are available in the pictures above.

Alternatively, if you want the full list of legal money lender in Singapore, you can check out this site. This site is run by a government sector in Singapore also known as Ministry of Law. The license that money lenders in Singapore hold are all issued by Ministry of Law. Their site not only show you the list of legal money lender, they will also provide you with information on how much money lenders in Singapore can charge. Or what kind of charges are acceptable. It is good to always further educate yourself before you take a loan from any money lender. This is so that you know you are not being taken advantage of. 

If you like a 3rd party opinion, you may also call us at +65 6871 4268 and we will do our best to answer you. If you have been to a license money lender before, you can also let us know what you think about any money lender. Any information or feedback we receive from the public, we will keep it in our database. This will assist us in our surveying process.

The money lenders listed above are currently in the west and central area. If you find the locations above too inconvenient for you, call us! We may have found other good money lenders at other areas as well! Just that we have yet have the time to sit down and update our site :p

As most of our team is out doing survey, we only have limited manpower in the office to update the site. Do give us more time in doing so! We promise that we will do our best to update it as soon as possible. But just in case we do not, call us at +65 6871 4268

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thanks for helping me to find a good money lender. hope your list updates more soon because its a bit far for me hahaha but thanks anyway
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