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List of Best Moneylender 

If you are looking for a money lender in Singapore, here we have a list of best moneylender available! They are the best base on many factors. Have a quick read below to find out why.

Reasons they are the best licensed money lender 

Firstly, they provide excellent service. From the moment you step into the door till you leave, you get a smile on their faces. In addition, their staff are train really well to know how to handle any situation that we throw at them. Right after we have finish telling them why we need cash, they are able to come up with an instant solution to solve our problems. Furthermore, they even help us to save money by prorating the amount payable if we choose to pay earlier! How many money lenders are willing to do that? We are pretty sure that any business owner will want to earn maximum profits from their customers. These money lenders are not doing that! 

Secondly, they are very professional. They explain every page of the contract to their clients, especially for 1st time customers. They will explain every term to you before asking you to sign on the page. This is very different from some of the money lenders that we have encounter. Many of them have told us to just sign here, sign there without even explaining anything! How is that acceptable baffles us! This is because we should always know the terms and conditions of every contract that we are getting into! Please everyone, please do not sign anything that you are unsure of! Get them to explain if you do not know what the page is indicating. 

Thirdly, understanding staff. The staff all listen to your problems before presenting a solution to you. There are quite a few money lenders, not going to list them here, who just ask you how much you need then tell you when you should repay. Quite often, these are the same money lenders who do not listen to when is your pay day or what kind of payment terms you are looking for. They just tell you what they want to “sell” you and expect you to just accept it. If you do not like the repayment terms, leave the office! Give the above mention money lenders a call, we are certain that they will be able to provide favorable terms to you!

Last of all, their location is so convenient! They are all near MRT stations or bus stops which is so accessible to go to even if you are not living or working in that area. 

Legal Loan Singapore 

Legal Loan Singapore is an independent review source on licensed money lender in Singapore. Instead of spending hours visiting and calling money lenders to find one suitable for you, you can approach one listed above. Why them? Because we have put them through many tests and find that they are way better in so many aspects as compared to a lot more others. 

If you have taken a loan with them before and are upset for any reason, let us know what happen here. We will like to investigate further into the matter as we only want to provide good money lenders to the public. 

If you have never taken a loan with a licensed money lender before and have some questions on how to go about doing it, you can call them. Or you can check Ministry of Law’s website for more details on legal money lenders. Alternatively, you can call us at +65 6871 4268 and we will be more than glad to answer all your questions. 

Remember! There are many good money lenders in Singapore, the ones in this list are very good examples. Not to worry, we are sending out team of people out to survey more locations. As our team is small right now, it is taking us a lot more time. We are still looking for reliable money lenders and will update as soon as we find them! 🙂 

If you have any legal money lenders that you like us to survey first, let us know! We will do our best to arrange a time to slot them in! 

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