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Ran into some emergency and require more cash than you have? Approach the bank or a licensed moneylender Singapore has. Note that there are many illegal moneylenders aka loan sharks in Singapore. Loan sharks will approach you asking if you need a loan. A licensed moneylender will NEVER ask you if you need a loan. Under the law, a licensed money lender is not allowed to contact you offering you a loan. You will have to approach the money lender yourself. If any one calls you offering to give you a loan, those are 100% loan sharks. Loan sharks will never show you their face because they do not have a license to operate as a money lender. 

Stay away from loan sharks as they will end up harassing you if you are unable to make repayments. Even if you are able to make payments, does that mean they will let you off the hook after paying the loan? They will use scare tactics to make you pay more even after you have finished paying what you have both agreed on. Go to a licensed moneylender if you need a loan.

There are so many license money lenders in Singapore, why do you want to approach an illegal money lender aka loan sharks? Trying to find the best money lender? There are quite a number of reliable money lenders. So there is absolutely no need for you to approach illegal money lenders. Many money lenders are conveniently located near MRT stations. Like the money lenders that we have list above, they are all very near to MRT. All of them are walking distance from the nearest MRT station to them.

License money lenders in Singapore will always do their best to provide you with a loan. In addition, these loans are all capped by the law on interest chargeable. Thus you do not have to worry that they will overcharge you or anything. There are many strict laws in place to protect borrowers. If you run into any problems with moneylenders, let us know. We will be able to guide you on how to handle the situation.

Furthermore, we will be able to introduce you to different help groups who will be able to help you talk to money lenders on your behalf. For example, Blessed Grace, Silver Lining, Arisetocare, Adullam Life Counselling and so on. These help groups have many years of experience in dealing with licensed moneylenders. If you want their contact, you can do a quick search online or look for us. 

Legal Loan Singapore will be able to help you find a good licensed money lender company based in Singapore. Need money and looking for a loan? Drop your application with us. We will get in touch with the money lenders and find one that will be able to provide you with a loan. These money lenders are all license and legal by the Government of Singapore, Ministry of Law. Our number is +65 6871 4268 if you have any inquiries for us. 

+65 6871 4268

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