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The money lenders we have choose to list here have a similar motto. And that is “Our clients come first”. This is very true based on what our team has experience. To ensure we get the full experience, we have assign different groups of people or individual to visit different money lenders. They were told not to mention that they were surveying them. Thus, everything they have experience while in the office is 100% natural reaction from the staff.

While they were there, they saw and felt that the loan consultants were genuinely sincere in helping them solve their problems. There are so many money lenders in Singapore, why do we only list them? This is because we do not want you to travel all around Singapore looking for a money lender. Thus, we only list the best of the best money lenders for you. Sure, they may not be very convenient to you. But isn’t it better to approach a good money lender? 

These licensed money lender in Singapore have been around for many years. Some 10 years, some 15 and some even 30 years! A quick search for them online and you will find that these money lenders have a strong number of positive reviews. Right now, they are one of the dominant moneylenders in Singapore with a strong reputation. They are garnering recognition from the financial and money lending industry as the top. Even their customers right from the start, are still our clients today when they need spare cash. How did we know this? Because we have seen many of their clients walking in and talking to them as if they are long lost friends. You will not be able to build such a relationship with your client unless they have been with you for a long time.

We are quite certain that these are the best money lender in Singapore. They are definitely our no. 1 choice when it comes to getting a loan quickly. They will definitely be here if you need a loan. Also! They are open every day! Including weekends and Sundays. This means that you no longer have to rush over to their office after work. So much more convenient as you can do it on the weekends. Their loan consultants are ever patient and understanding to your concerns. And they always do their best in providing the loan you truly need.

Contact us if you have any questions with regards to taking a loan and licensed money lender. We can also be reach at +65 6871 4268.

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Highly recommended. They are willing to help and gave me a monthly loan. Very fast process also
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