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Is there a Licensed Money Lender Open on Weekends?

Of course there is! There are a few licensed money lender in Singapore that provide such services especially on the weekends. Why do they choose to open on the weekends and not rest like all the other normal office? This is because these few money lenders understand that you may need cash at any time. In addition, it is more convenient for you to approach them on weekends as you may not be free on weekdays. By operating on weekends, this mean that you no longer have to take MC or leave just to go to them. 

Money lender in Singapore are often seen as loan sharks. Unfortunately this is so deeply ingrain in everyone’s mind that people do not see the difference between a legitimate licensed money lender and loan sharks. Money lenders in Singapore have to be approve by the Ministry of Law before they can start operating. They are not able to just rent an office space, claim to be a licensed money lender and just start operating. All money lenders in Singapore have to get a license and be approve by the Ministry of Law. 

In addition, licensed money lenders can only operate through an office space. They are not allowed to text or call you claiming to provide loans. If you approach any of such people, you can be sure that they are all loan sharks. 

Best Legal Money Lender?

To find the best legal money lender, you do not have to search very hard. Just scroll up and you will see a few money lenders that are listed. Our team has gone to several money lenders to check out their offices and found that these money lenders are in fact pretty good. If it’s too far for you, do give it a second thought. Isn’t it better to go to a good money lender than a lousy one near you? Also, if you still find it too far, you can call us at +65 6871 4268. We may have found more money lenders just that we do not have the time to update the site yet. Give us a call, we may surprise you 😉 

Weekend money lenders are rare, weekend good money lenders are even harder to find. Thus do give us some time to update this page as we will need to source for such money lenders. Then we have to put them through our checks. We do not want to recommend and lousy money lender that instead of helping you, get you into more trouble. 

Please be patient with us and we promise that we will not disappoint you with our selection 😉 We want to bring only the best to you because we understand that it is already hard enough to deal with cash flow problems. It will be a even bigger headache if you have to handle terrible money lenders. 

If you have any experience with any of the money lenders listed here or perhaps any feedback you like to provide us, feel free to contact us here. We take every review and feedback very seriously. 

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