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We are always taught to save money for a rainy day. But it’s not as simple as that. Our kids need money for school, our parents need money for medical. Some times, we don’t even have enough money to tide us to our next pay cheque.


If you’re in need of cash for any reason, know that you can approach banks or legal moneylender. Be very wary of illegal moneylenders, they often call or SMS you asking if you need a loan. Legal money lenders in Singapore are not allowed to do anything like this. According to the law, moneylenders in Singapore can only wait for the borrowers to approach them. 


Legal Loan Singapore has found you one of the best legal money lender in Singapore. We are here to assist you with your cash needs. Why do we bother to do this? This is because it is not easy to find a good legal moneylender. Currently, we have found a few money lenders who provide their clients with monthly payment loans. In addition, they also provide payday loans, personal loans, business loans and even foreigner loans. If you feel that what you require is not in this list, not to worry! These money lenders often customise their loans for new clients.


Drop us a message or call +65 6871 4268 if you have any questions. To get a loan, you can apply directly with the money lender or apply here. Why should you apply through us when you can call them directly? This is because applying thru us, you will only need to fill in one application form. Whereas if you apply through the different money lenders, you will have to keep submitting the forms. We can help you send our your application form to the different money lenders. You do not have to worry about them calling you. We have given them specific instructions not to call you unless you call them first. 



+65 6871 4268

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Thanks for the help! Very clean environment and friendly people. Felt very comfortable taking a loan from them
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