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Cash loans are easily accessible on weekdays through banks. But this does not mean that it will be fast. Banks have a standard operating procedure. They will have to look through your documents, do a credit check and process your application.

This is a lot tougher on the weekends. Especially with most bank branches not operating on the weekends. In addition, even if you manage to find a bank that is open, there will be a long queue. Furthermore, they usually take more than 1 day to process your application. So there is a high chance that you will be unable to get your cash on the same day. 

Legal moneylender are then your next best option. To find a legal money lender open on sunday is not that easy. Many money lenders are close on the weekends because like normal office, weekends they are not open. In addition, there are so many scams going around. Scams from illegal money lenders claiming to be a license money lender. These people are often known as loan sharks. If you have never receive any call or SMS asking you if you need a loan then you are very lucky! One of our team members who have never taken a loan from any one before has been spam with calls every day asking her if she needs a loan. These loan sharks are very aggressive in their tactics. Do not fall for them no matter how urgently you need the money. Know that there is always a better alternative. 

Thus, this site is set up. The main purpose of this website is to help you find a reliable legal moneylender. The money lenders that we have found have been operating in Singapore for more than 10 years! It is not easy for any small business to be able to survive this long, especially in this industry. As such, these money lenders have all build a strong customer base who always return to them if they need any help. From all the reviews we see online, we can tell that our personal experience at their office is as accurate as those reviews. Furthermore, one of them even have hand written reviews from their clients on their wall! 

We can bet that they will love to be able to serve you. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to them. You can do so by giving them a call to find out more or visiting their office.  

Reach out to us or call +65 6871 4268 if you have any uncertainties or questions. 

+65 6871 4268

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I think they are the best money lender that is open on sunday. Regular borrower here and I always go back to them
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