Investing in Singapore’s ETFs: EWS and EWSS (2017 Update)

Investing in Singapore
Investing in Singapore

Investing in Singapore’s ETFs: EWS and EWSS

Singapore ETFs offer investors the privilege to invest in funds that only a few people can access (mostly large-scale investors). There are two Singapore’s ETFs: the iShares MSCI Singapore ETF or the EWS and the iShares MSCI Singapore Small-Cap or the EWSS. Singapore’s ETFs are usually known for its high level of risk, as well as its high ROI.  The MSCI Emerging Market Index has already increased to 1000% from its beginning on 1988.


iShares MSCI Singapore ETF

Blackrock’s iShares is one of the most well-known brand names in exchange traded funds that commence in 1996 and has grown the return on investment to about 5% annually. As of 2015 of August, Blackrock’s has been tagged as top performing in the world of emerging market for the past 20 years. The EWS is aiming to own the 85% of country’s stock market by large caps and track MSCI Singapore Index’s behavior.

EWS has been one of the oldest ETF that was established on March 12, 1996. The total stocks of EWS have $665 million sums up an asset. It is also a member of New York Stock Exchange. The majority of its assets are devoted in financial sectors.  The other parts of its investments are diversified to telecommunication, manufacturing, and transportation.

The risk level for EWS is in medium level. It offers 3.39% dividend yield and an expense ratio of 0.48% as of June 2015. The investment return is at 4% average. The investor of EWS usually focuses his/her attention on the news to track the behavior of the investment and most likely, to look forward to every economic forecast.

EWS is for investors who are looking for a way into the stock market of Singapore and hopeful for the entire Southeast Asia market.


iShares MSCI Singapore Small-Cap

BlackRock launch iShares MSCI Singapore Small-Cap last 2012 to cater small cap stock since EWS engage merely on the large-cap stocks. While EWS tracks the MSCI Singapore Index’s performance, EWSS tracks the investment result for Small Cap Index. EWS total fund assets are $10 million, and more than 90% of its assets has been invested in security through a market cap. Investors find this type of EFT more striking because of the potential of small-cap equities to develop.

This type of ETF is for investors who want to stay away from a large-cap stock of EWS which has a higher risk. Furthermore, EWSS have more exposure to Singapore’s small-cap financials. The risk level for EWSS is in the moderate level; it offers 7.42% dividend yield and the expense ratio of 0.59%. The high dividend yield makes more convincing for an investor to invest in EWSS, not to mention the moderate level of risk. The investment return is at 1.52% per annum as of the year 2015.  The P/B average of the portfolio stock is at 1.01.

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