Top 5 Best Investing Blogs To Follow (2016 Update)

5 Best Investing Blogs that You Should Follow
5 Best Investing Blogs that You Should Follow

5 Best Investing Blogs that You Should Follow

Although financial handling is a topic that is very much encourage and practice in Singapore, there are still many people who are not savvy when it comes to financial management. Many people still do not know how to properly handle their money the way they should, especially the younger generation.

With the internet full of information, one of the things that people must take time to study is financial literacy. Here are a few investing blogs that will help you broaden your financial literacy. In addition, will be able to help you know how to handle your money better.

1.     Cheerful Egg

Cheerful Egg is one of the most popular and also one of the oldest financial blogs in the country. This blog presents very practical advice on finance that is based on real life experiences of the writer. This allows readers to relate to what he is saying. Unlike other blogs that give information on financial literacy, Cheerful Egg tries to keep things as light and as simple as possible like sharing a story.

2.      A Singaporean Stocks Investor

The writer of A Singaporean Stocks Investor or simply ASSI is AK who is known for his focus on stocks and how to invest wisely. He gives advice to beginners who want to invest in the stock market but do not know how. If you want direct advice on stocks, then this is the blog that you would want to read. He has one of the best investing blogs in Singapore, so you would definitely want to check his content out.

3.      SG Young Investment

SG Young Investment is known for articles such as “A Couple Should Buy a 3 Room HDB Flat if Combined Income is Less than $4000.”. He focuses a lot on budgeting, as well as investing and choosing good investments for the future.

4.      My 15 Hour Work Week

Whether you believe it or not, the writer behind this blog is only 29 years old and already able to retire if he wants. How? Well, he started investing his money in many different mediums when he was younger. The target audience of this writer is more for young people who are stuck with the usual 9 to 5 mindset. He teaches readers how to invest as well as where to invest.

5.      Forever Financial Freedom

This is another great investment blog to follow. The writer of this blog is 30 years old and has already made a substantial amount of money because of his journey in the stock market. He shares with the readers his opinions on economics, how it affects the stock market, and how to analyze the market.

These are some of the best investing blogs to read if you want to achieve financial freedom. Always remember that to reach financial stability, you have to save to invest. If you don’t know how, then you best read up on the blogs mentioned above.

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