Top 6 Simple Tips for a Successful Investment (2016 Update)

6 Simple Tips for a Successful Investment
6 Simple Tips for a Successful Investment

6 Simple Tips for a Successful Investment

It is a common belief that investment is reserved for the wealthy people. That is not true! You can invest any amount of money you have, to give you good returns. You can decide to save money so that you invest it later. In all these, you need money management skills, which takes time to learn. An investment plan is mandatory to reach your goal. The following tips will guide you on the right way to invest.


1.     Do Not a Mistake of Listening To a Financial Media

Most of the information out there are mostly false and have been tampered with. Take your time and search for the truth yourself. The information in the financial media is meant to distract you from making expensive mistakes.


2.     Check Your Emotions

Investment is all about overcoming your fear and allowing yourself to risk your money. There is no magic for a successful investment. Overconfidence can cause you to lose your investment because you did not consider the risks involved. Fear makes you not take a risk in anything thinking that you may end up losing your investment. It is therefore important to control your emotions, and rather, be realistic. Being realistic means you accept that either you will lose or gain. This does not necessarily mean that you stop being optimistic. It’s just being ready to accept any outcome. A realist accounts for the possibility of things turning out wrong, accepts them and most importantly learn from them. Under no circumstance should you let your emotions contribute to your investment failure.


3.     Be Unique

It’s advisable not to follow the trends but to anticipate them. It is possible to be lured by the crowd, but always make sure that you have your stand. Do not follow the herd when investing your money. Following the crowd may not yield the result you want. Noise trading is a pitfall for many, and must be avoided at all cost. Aim at staying ahead of the crowd and not being one of them.


4.     Spend Less Than Your Income

This is a secret to make sure you are always financially secure. Most people are aware of this, but unfortunately do not implement it in their finances. The bigger the difference between the income and expenses, the more financially successful you will be. You can do this by increasing your income through a change of job, setting up a small business, or having a part time job. This is accompanied by minimizing the amount of expenditure through different forms of frugality.


5.     Keep Track Of Your Expenditure

You should be aware of where your money goes. It is good for investment since it helps you to stay true to your budget and objectives. You can decide to use your smartphone or a spreadsheet to help you keep track of your finances. Review it periodically to check whether you match your spending reality. Thanks to the technology, nowadays there is an application that sends you an email alert when you exceed your budget. In addition it helps you to budget how much you can spend per day.


6.     Check On Your Risk Potential

I’m sure you have heard of “no risk, no gain” and so is the connection between risk and reward. All types of investments involve taking risks, which range from low to medium to high risks. It is important to know your risk tolerance limit together with both your strengths and weakness. Do not just concentrate on the upside part of the investment, but be ready to face losing all your money in case the worst happens. Implementing the above tips will help you invest your money intelligently, hence securing your future finances.

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