Real Estate and Property Investment in Singapore (2017 Update)

Investing in Real Estate and Property
Investing in Real Estate and Property

Housing has been a re-occurring social and economic problem in many emerging cities across the world. With every major social problem, business men and women thrive. This is because new opportunities are created and more opportunities for wealth generation. You can as well take advantage of the booming real estate market in Singapore. By doing so, you can prepare for a steady income in your old age. However, to venture into such a profitable business endeavor, investors must be aware of some important tips on how to invest in real estate;

What you need to know before putting your resources into real estate.

1.   Solving a need

Many investors are tempted to spend their money on buying housing properties. However, they often do not wait and ask what problem am I trying to solve? There are peculiar needs that has to be solve over time. If you are investing in the real estate market in Singapore, you need to understand that you are not just building to suit your personal desires or taste. You are building for others with the aim of meeting a particular need.

2.   Target Customers

Being able to meet a particular need ensures that your housing plans target the niche or category of prospective renters. Are you building for low income earners, middle class or professionals? You may probably want to satisfy the aesthetics of a business executive or CEO. You may also want to consider building to meet the demands of households and specific demographics. Such as newly wedded couples, singles or extended families. You have a wide range of investment options that you can pick from if you’re investing in real estate in Singapore. You may set up a scheme to accommodate monthly, quarterly payment of rent for middle or low income earners.

3.   Knowledge of Tax payment

Realizing that the quality of housing and the location of properties will lead to a proportionate tax payment, will ensure that investing in real estate, you don’t get caught. Taxes associated with city centers are evidently high and understandably, due to high cost of rent. Higher taxes especially in urban centers have made property investors in Singapore sell off their investments, as they are unable to meet up.

4.   Futuristic Housing

Investment in future housing is a trending alternative for investors in real estate in Singapore. Durable construction materials that are cheap are constantly being used. Moreover, recycling of used materials is fast becoming the toast of many investors. If you wish to save cost and protect our environment, think about futuristic housing projects by simply exploring nature.

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