Investing in Singapore (Part 2) (2017 Update)

Investing in Singapore
Investing in Singapore

The export of consumer goods from Singapore has become easier partly due to the relative stability of the economy. It is propelling by the growing manufacturing sector. Even though it has struggled over the last couple of years because of the rising influence of China, it has managing to find the feet of its own recently. Investing in Singapore requires an understanding of how the market works, consumer preference, and household income. Do you need to ask what exactly do they buy? What motivates the population in the choice of purchase and their financial capabilities? These and more will give us a clue as to what we should put our money into. There are quite a few areas that may interest you.

Investing in Consumer goods

Tempting opportunities exist in the real estate, oil and gas, and manufacturing sector, etc. You can still invest in the agricultural sector which accounts for 0.8% of the economy. As at 2012, the export of consumer goods from agricultural products stood at 0.3%. This is because we are not producing enough to challenge other markets in the region. Investing in Singapore today, prospective investors must recognize the capacity of the agricultural sector to create wealth. It can do so by providing employment opportunities to numerous people especially youths. The countryside offers a chilling atmosphere for farming activities away from the hustling and buzzing experience in city centers. The standard of living is also very low and with temperate weather. Expect a bountiful harvest!

Investing in Education

Education is big business in Singapore. Whether it’s at the elementary stage up or up to higher institutes of learning. People are constantly aware of the need to get educated. You can invest in Singapore’s education sector and in the mid term, start counting your profit or pay back. Although, Illiteracy still exists and quite a handful of the population do not have a college degree, the education sector has become a veritable export tool. It is attracting many foreigners from around the world. Just like consumer goods, private investors can site schools that appeal to the diversity of the country in Urban centers. Or even locate their school to rural communities if you are investing with little income and targeting a specific geographical niche.

Investing in Real Estate

You need not wait until you get a billion dollar in your account before investing in the real estate sector of the economy. Investing in Singapore, especially in the housing sector means you are solving perhaps, one of the most important problems facing the populace. It doesn’t have to be big and exquisite. Of course, that’s when you’re not targeting the high profile bank executive in the heart of the capital city. You can still set aside part of your fund for low cost green housing and get back your investment fund in less than 10 years.

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