Income Inequality Is a Real Problem

While some people are debating over many things, there is one thing that should be talked about more. One thing that affects many of us but is not at the head like it should be, is income inequality. While inequality is discussed in other avenues every day. This is the one inequality that affects us all. Over a quarter of the working American workers make less than $10 per hour. That is a lot of people once you think about that.

Income Inequality Is a Real Problem
Income Inequality Is a Real Problem

That kind of income actually puts those workers below the poverty line. You the one reading this may be one of those people and if not, you surely see these people every day. They are the ones serving you, cleaning your hotel room, dry cleaning your clothes, cleaning your car, packing your groceries and so much more. Yet the top 10% end up taking home sometimes up to 50% of all income. With the top 1% taking home up to almost 20% sometimes.


Much Needed Facts on Income Inequality


Low wage workers in most cases don’t receive health insurance. Most don’t receive a pension plan or sick days either from their employers. While wages stay the same corporation profits still grow. Showing proof of income inequality. The corporation is not providing more for their employees, while they are continuing to benefit more from their work.


More of these workers at this pay level are getting state aid to survive. While at the same time income tripled in some cases for the top 1% of the wealthiest people. Increased up to 80% for the top 5th and 21 percent for the middle fifth. Again, showing the income inequality.


The rich have become richer time after time, fattening their pockets. While the poorer get poorer and scrape their pockets just to survive.


What Is at Fault for The Income Inequality?


You are not the only one who has asked this question. Rightfully so, politicians push the blame onto cheaper labor in China, outsourcing and unfair exchange rates. Corporations also blamed as well, accusing them of putting profits ahead of workers. Especially since they have to compete with the other countries that are lower priced on products as well as labor. Hence, making many companies move overseas to reap the benefits as well.


Factory jobs have been reduced, lowering the union jobs and raising the service jobs. The service jobs through paying much less for a lot of work. The push to have larger profits have pushed managers to cut a number of employees while still wanting the same amount of work done. Other times they cut hours and bring on more temporary employees during high production times at lower wages.


Some of the largest companies are guilty of doing that and most of us shop at them or have shopped at them. There is one that has stepped up the game on the wages at least after getting some heat. After all, they are one of the largest retailers. Technology has also done its participation as well since it has replaced part of the workforce as well.


Cost of living expenses has increased greatly, while wages have stayed down. This will make it even harder for those with a low income to even survive.


Worlds Perspective on Income Inequality


Almost everything that was mentioned above can all be contributed to one thing. That is a shift in the global economy. Other countries are seeing a rise in their income since they have become more competitive in the market. Their workers are becoming more skilled through training and schooling. People in high ranking positions are getting better at taking care of their economies. So the wealth of a developed country like the US is a shift to ones that were less developed.


Even though this shift has affected the US, from the global view it is actually shifting income on a global scale. This will continue like this, but at the cost of the least wealthy in the US.


What Can Be Done About It?


At this point you may be wondering like many others, what can be done about it. Well, many think the best bet is to prevent US companies from outsourcing. While it may sound like the easiest solution, many don’t agree it will work either. Neither will build a wall to keep immigrants out or protectionist trade policies.


Wealth distribution has been happening, is happening and will continue. So what is the best thing to do about it? First, it needs to be realized that the people in the lower income brackets cannot keep grinning and bearing it all. Things that should be changed is tax policies, access to education and providing job training is the best bet. Which will help everyone as a whole in the US, making the change easier to adjust to.




Too many people are suffering for this shift in global wealth. Sadly, the richer just want to sweep it under the rug in most cases. Since they think it doesn’t matter to them. Eventually, it will affect them as well believe it or not. Hard working families that work every day, pay into the system and stay out of trouble should not have to struggle to live. They are the backbone of the country, as little as they seem to the people higher up. Have them not work for a week and see what happens.


This is an issue that if not dealt with will only hurt the US as a whole. It also doesn’t say the best about our country either. It shows others we don’t care enough for our own take care of such an issue. Which what kind of country will take care of others before themselves?


Rule of thumb, take care of those at home and they will help you take care of others. Your home is your base and your strongest point if you break what you expect to keep you standing, then what happens? Common sense which sometimes many think the government is lacking.

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