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Need a fast loan? 

Are you looking for a fast loan due to some emergency? Unable to get a loan from your family and friends or even the bank? Not to worry, there are so many license money lenders around to help you with your cash problems! 

With so many of them around does this mean you can simply walk into any money lender and get a loan? Why, yes of course! Then you may ask what is the point of this website? Why do we even bother listing any money lender at all? This is because even though you have easy access to legal money lenders, it does not mean that they are good. We are pretty sure that you have seen many news article about unscrupulous money lenders even though they are legal. Do you want to be the next one who encounter such money lenders? The harassing calls, the vulgarities being spew at you, calling your office etc. 

Getting a loan is to solve your problems not add on to it. How do you avoid such money lenders if you have never taken a loan before? This is why we are here 😉 The money lenders we list on our site not only provide excellent service but fast as well. If you are taking a loan with them for the 1st time, they are able to process your application within 30 to 60 minutes!

We have been to a particular money lender (not listed here of course!) which you have to queue for at least an hour before it is your turn. And when it was our turn, it took them another 60 to 90 minutes to process our loan! Furthermore, we sat there in silence because the lady was not interested in making small talk. Neither was she interested in answering any of our questions until she is done accessing all our documents. If we were not surveying the money lender, we would have walked out immediately! They are strike off our list the second we step out of their office. Fret not, we will not recommend such poor money lenders to you. 

Legal Loan Singapore

Legal Loan Singapore is set up to help you find good moneylenders and avoid the bad ones. We have done extensive research on many moneylenders to find what we think are the best! First, we look for them online to get a clue on how they are like. Then we drop an inquiry to see how their replies are like. Last of all, we visit their office to check it out for ourselves. As such, we are glad to inform everyone that the money lenders we list above are genuinely great! 

They have provided us with so many different loan packages. Then they help us to decide which is the most suitable loan deal for our situation. And mind you, we didn’t present easy cases for them. Our team has thought long and hard on what kind of situation we should throw at them. Instead of judging us, they were genuinely trying to help us solve our problems. One of them even reprimanded (in a gentle way) us with regards to how we got ourselves into that state. It was then that we know that they truly care for their customers and do not want them to be in enormous amount of debt. 


Any questions that you may have regarding loans and taking a loans, you can approach any one of the money lenders listed above for assistance. Do note that we have yet to finish visiting all the money lenders despite us being a small country. Give us some time and we will be able to come back with even more great money lenders. We are 100% certain that there are still good money lenders around despite the black sheep around. 

If you like to know more before approaching them, you can also get in touch with us at +65 6871 4268. We have spend many hours studying licensed money lenders in Singapore thus we are quite certain that we will be able to help you. As long as it is related to taking a loan and licensed money lenders! 🙂 

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got the cash in about 45 minutes. not that bad considering banks take longer to process
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