Enjoy More on Financially Less (2017 Update)

Enjoy More on Financially Less
Enjoy More on Financially Less

At one time or another many of us would like to enjoy the finer things in life. Yet, most of us are pretty strapped financially to be able to. Does that mean you are not entitled to those finer things? Of course, not, there are some things you can treat yourself to on a smaller budget. Some of them may not be something you can do all the time, but occasionally would still be nice. You will be glad you checked some of these out. Try them one or try them all, it’s up to you.


Up Your Flying Class

If you wait until you get to the counter to try and get any freebies, good luck in most cases that are not going to happen. What many don’t realize though is that there are special codes on tickets. Those codes will tell if you are eligible for upgrading to that first class area. Most people don’t know about this little trick so they don’t ask. The key here though is to ask the ticket agent to put that code on your ticket. They won’t do it all the time, but most of the time they will.


You will also have to figure out what that code is. So you can look online to find it if you can, or see if you can befriend a first class flyer to see what the code is. You have to make sure that your ticket is stamped with it thought to be able to use it.



Be a Car Rental Early Bird

To save money on car rentals there is pretty much a standard. Small compact blah car. Sure, they suffice and get the job done, but it would be nice to drive around in class. That usually comes with a price though. Unless of course, you know a few tricks to get an upgrade on the down low. If you have heard the term the early bird gets the worm, well there is definitely truth to that in some situations.


When it comes to renting a car if you go in early in the morning you will get the best deals. If you are a frequent rental they will sometimes give you an upgrade as a thank you. If you go in too late in the day though all the available upgrades are typically unavailable. So, in turn, they won’t offer them. Of course, try to avoid them trying to pass a minivan or SUV on you unless you really want one. So do your best to arrive the earliest you can to opening.


Get More Home for Less

If you are in the market for purchasing a home, then there is a way to get more bang for your buck. That is pretty easy to do if you know where to look. You will want to look at what it is available in the market of foreclosed homes. That is where you can get a great home with all the bells and whistles you want without the high price tag. Sometimes there is a set price and other times you may have to put a bid in.


You will also want to see if you can have a chance to look at the home before bidding or purchasing. Since sometimes foreclosed homes may have a lot of damage hiding inside. If you don’t mind doing some Dyeing or repairs, then you still may get quite the steal but it all depends on what you are looking for. You can find the homes on your own but it will take some time. Otherwise, you can ask for the help of an agent that specializes in foreclosures to help you.


Enjoy Some Creature Comforts

Everyone can enjoy a beautiful comfy hotel room. Most end up with the very basics though and not so comfy a majority of the time. If you stay in hotels frequently that could work to your advantage. If you know in advance of your stay, you may be able to call and talk the agent into an upgraded room. It is a hard push to get that upgrade, but some will give it. Best time to ask for one is on a non-holiday or busy time for the hotel. Since those nights they may have an upgraded room available.


When you show up to check in, dress with success. Don’t walk in looking like a vagrant off the street. You don’t need to go to the extreme of dressing to the gills. Just neat and clean, with a smile on your face.


Get A Better Seat at Your Next Show

Do you like to take in concerts or shows from time to time? Whether it be music or arts, tickets can be pricey. So, chances are most of the time, you have to settle for a seat in a nosebleed row. You might get lucky and get a little closer. Wouldn’t it be nice once in a while to enjoy that front row? Of course, it would and there are ways to try to get those from time to time. Best part, without paying front row price.


Look for ticket resellers, some have actual sites. Otherwise, you can try to find some private party that is selling the tickets you are looking for. A private party can be risky though, so always take precautions when buying privately. Reseller sites are more trustworthy and you can find out from others how legit they really are.



Those are just a few of the ways you can enjoy the better things in life. They are more of an occasional enjoyment but for most, that is just fine. There are many others to you can find as well by doing your own research, but these will definitely get you started. Try one or try them all, the choice is yours and enjoy your upgraded enjoyments for a whole lot less than thought.

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