Earn Money through Google Adsense (2017 Update)

Google Adsense
Google Adsense

How You Can Earn Money through Google Adsense

Have you seen ads popping up or covering a large part of your favorite website? Many websites these days are looking for web space on other sites to post their ads. Google’s AdSense is an advertising mechanism where people get paid per ad clicks that feature on their websites or blogs.


Presence of AdSense can be seen in:

  • The search engine bars you add to your website or blog
  • Most commonly seen in blog and website
  • Even mobile versions of pages
  • The RSS or Atom feeds
  • Some mobile applications or videos


How to earn through Google AdSense?

  • Now you know what is AdSense. So to start, you must first create a website or blog. Look for an inexpensive place to get a host      name. Then create an account on http://www.google.com/AdSense. Once the account is approve, go ahead and build your webpage or blog.
  • Before posting ads on your website, understand the terms and conditions attached to it in addition to the payment method. To gain an insight into this, take a look at Google’s AdSense learning center.
  • People who develop their own website without help from freelancers or copywriters, need to understand what sells on the Web. By choosing profitable words. it will attract good web traffic which will then help you improve your earnings online.
  • Once you choose a profitable word, start using in your content. Use but do not overuse. People may get irritated with irrelevant use of keywords and not visit your site again. Furthermore, in the worst case, Google may ban your site. This is something you do not wish for.
  • The next step is the strategic placement of the ads. Depending on the contents of your website you can choose from image, text or even video based ads. Opt for an ad that goes with your website content and theme.
  • Develop content in a way that you get maximum web traffic. By doing so, the web traffic converts to users who click on ads that ultimately convert to higher online income.

Though this setup looks like a mammoth task, it is very easy to make money with Google AdSense. All you need is a website, placement of AdSense ads and web traffic. All of this transforms to quick online money. People are making anything between $1000 a day to few dollars a month depending on their successful implementation of Google AdSense.

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