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Looking for personal loan?


If you are looking for a personal loan, remember to get it from either banks or legal moneylender in Singapore. There is a reason why you should get a loan from legal money lenders instead of illegal. Well, for starters, they are call legal and illegal for a reason. Legal money lenders are approve by the Ministry of Law. Illegal money lenders are loan sharks. Firstly, loan sharks do not have license. Secondly, loan sharks operate through calls and SMS, they do not have an office space. 


Unfortunately, right now there are no legal money lenders in Dover, Commonwealth or Buona Vista. As such, we have found several license money lenders near that area. Luckily, these money lenders can be easily reach by MRT. Base on their office locations, it is walking distance from the MRT and easily accessible. Thus, you may want to consider them even though they are not directly at the location you are looking for. 


If you need a loan, legal money lenders will be able to provide you with what you need! Contact us or call +65 6871 4268 if you have any queries. To check if you are eligible for a loan, fill in the application form to provide them with basic details. Legal Loan Singapore will assist you by sending your application to the best money lenders only. We will get back to you as soon as possible once the money lenders inform us if you are eligible 🙂 


We will do our best to respond fast because we know that you are in need of cash. Furthermore, if you get the cash fast you will be able to settle your problems as soon as possible. 

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Moneylender in Dover / Buona Vista / Commonwealth
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by Harry on Moneylender in Dover / Buona Vista / Commonwealth
very good lender

The lenders are very good... Hope got more good money lender