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Credit Company in Jurong / Jurong East / Jurong West 

Well, basically, if we are talking about Jurong, or if you like to divide the areas into East and West, the moneylenders above are one of the best. Do note that as of now, there are no licensed money lenders in Jurong West. If anyone claims to be in that area, you can know for sure that they are without a license.

To double check this fact, you can always refer to Ministry of Law’s website. As we are writing this, there are no money lenders in Jurong West. However, if there is a new money lender there, we will check them out. And if they are any good, we will list them here as well. If there are money lenders in that area that we have may have miss out, do let us know! With so many money lenders in Singapore to visit, we unfortunately may miss out on some of them. 

As of now, these are the money lenders that we think are probably the best in Jurong area. Correct us if you think otherwise! We will love to hear everyone’s opinion! We have send multiple teams of people down. Different race, different situation, different amounts required! And we are please to announce that they have been exceptional. From the minute we entered the door, it was one of the best service we have receive. 

How are they the best? 

Firstly, they took the time to understand our needs and concerns. One team even portray themselves as paranoid first time borrowers. Despite the commotion and fake panic, the staff remain calm. They then did their best to assure that particular team. Explaining how they operate to what will happen on the due date. 

Secondly, another team went as far as taking the actual loan. Why do they do that? To experience the actual process. The staff explain the terms and conditions on the contract clearly. Furthermore, they even requested for us to read the contract again before signing on anything. This shows that they want to ensure that you know exactly what is going on.

This is very much different from many other money lenders. They have encounter some money lenders who merely pointed out where to sign without even explaining what they were signing for. There was one money lender who even indicate a higher payable amount on the card as compared to the contract. We only discovered why when that particular team returned to the office. This is because they have indicated a later date for repayment. We assume that they did this so that we have to pay late fees and late interest. Luckily the money lenders we have listed here do not engage in such practices. 

Thirdly, our team tried to make payment late by a week. They were then referred to the debt collection department. The gentleman that answer the phone was concern as to what has happen. He then inform the team that unfortunately as we are going to be late for a week late charges will kick in. For this, we totally understand. But instead of screaming and shouting at us, he took the time to understand the “situation” we are in. He even reminded us not to be late else there will be even more late charges. We did the payment late on purpose to test out how their debt collection team will react. And this was a refreshing change! 

As such, we are confident that the money lenders we list are one of the more reliable credit company in Singapore!

Legal Loan Singapore

Legal Loan Singapore is establish to help people in need of cash to find a good and reliable money lender. Any moneylender that we list on our site has gone through numerous test. In addition, they have a strong positive reputation. By doing a quick search you will realise that these money lenders have a ton of positive reviews. We also have a list of best money lenders in Singapore if you are looking for it. 

As we are a new site, we will do our best to update you on any of the latest findings. If there are any trustworthy money lender, you can be sure that we will list them here. Right now, we have yet to finish visiting all the money lenders in Singapore. This is due to the number of legal money lender companies and the fact that we only have a small team. However, you can rest assure that we will definitely be visiting all the money lenders. We hope to find more reliable money lenders that we will be able to list here. 

If you have any questions about legal and license money lenders or taking a loan, you can always call us at +65 6871 4268. We will do our best to answer any question that you may have. Do note that as we are not a license money lender, we will only be able to provide you with answers only up to a certain extent.