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Credit Company in Bukit Batok

Are you looking for a licensed money lender in Bukit Batok area? If you are living in that area, lucky you! Why? This is because we have manage to find a good moneylender there! We have done our research on that place and can conclude that they are indeed one of the best money lenders in Singapore. 


Looking at their reviews is one of the first strongest indication. They have a massive number of positive reviews online. All these reviews are a good indication of how they are as a credit company. To confirm that what we see online is actual in real life, we have personally went down to their office to check them out. 


Firstly, their office can be easily found. They are located directly opposite of Bukit Gombak MRT. Which is less than 5 minutes walk away! Easily accessible, check! 


Secondly, the staff immediately greet you with a smile and hello. This is verified because different teams of people have been sent down and all the teams responded with this. By creating such a friendly environment, it allows people to feel comfortable. Unlike some money lenders whose office has a strong cigarette lingering smell. 


Thirdly, all the teams that visit the office present them with different scenarios to see how they will react. Not to worry, all the money lenders that we have visit do not know we are surveying them. We are there on the pretense that we are actual people who are looking to take a loan. Despite what we have told them, they listen to everything we have to say. Even if it means listening to a grandmother story. They took the time to understand all our situation and presented us with the best possible solution that they have. 


Last of all, their payment method is the easiest. They allow us to make payment in person or transfer to their bank accounts. Furthermore, they have more than one bank account thus making it super easy to make repayment. This is because not everyone will have a dbs account or not everyone will have a uob account. By doing so, it provides convenience to borrowers! One team went as far as taking the actual loan then purposely missed their due date. Why did they do that? This is to test out how their debt collection function will be like. With so many stories about how aggressive money lenders are in collecting their payment, we knew we had to test out the money lenders. 


Luckily! This particular money lender is reasonable. We told them that our pay is coming in late thus we will not be able to make the necessary payment on the due date. Instead of screaming or shouting at us, they merely said ok and told us to pay the amount due with late charges. Easy peasy! No extra trouble, no vulgarities hurl at us! 


If you are looking for a license money lender in that area, you can seriously consider them. 


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Legal Loan Singapore is here to help you find all the best and most reliable money lenders in the country. If you have any suggestions on which money lender we should visit next, do let us know! In addition, if you have been to the money lender above, please kindly leave a review below. We will love to hear what you have to say about them. 


We are still currently working on visiting all the legal and license money lenders in the whole country. Do give us some more time to do that as we are a small group of people working to help you save some time. As of now, there are no more licensed money lenders in this area. However, if you do come across any, we apologize for overlooking. Please let us know the name of the company and we will send someone down to review the money lender immediately! 


Should you have any questions regarding license money lenders or taking a loan, you can call the money lender to find out more. If you like to hear from a 3rd party aka us, we will be glad to answer any question you may have. You can drop us a message here or call us at +65 6871 4268. All messages will be answer as soon as possible. If you have any urgent questions, you can give us a call.