Clearing Your Debts (2017 Update)

Clearing your Debts
Clearing your Debts

A debt is an amount of cash owed by a debtor to his or her creditor. These two parties could be between people, organizations or countries. Depending on the type of debtor, an accumulating debt can be a problem if he or she fails to constrain it. This may lead to low standards of living and lesser financial freedom.


Why you should avoid debts


  • It could take your decades to be completely free from your debts. This is because they keep mounting due to charged fees when you fail to keep up with the payments.
  • Debts make your life goals and dreams fizzle out. Once it attains hefty staggering amounts, accomplishing certain goals becomes difficult.
  • A risk to your well being: debts can cause physical and mental fatigue leading to poor state in one’s health.
  • Debt lowers your living standards: It makes your daily living a big challenge as you look for ways to survive.
  • Debt ruins marriages: Debts can cause a misunderstanding between you and your spouse causing a rift between you two and ruining your home as a consequence.



Types of debt.

The first step of getting rid of your debts is first identifying the types of debts you are involved in. This will help you free yourself and increasing your cash flow. In addition, you will be able to figure out how you can go about to paying off your debts. Here are the types of common debts:



Medical debt

This is a debt which is as a result of obtained health costs. Victims usually fail to see their occurrence, leaving them short of finances to help cater for these piling expenses. It is therefore important to have a certain amount of cash spared in your savings account to act as your cushion during this risk. It is sometimes terrifying that medical debts can be a cause of bankruptcy in many households.


Dealing with a medical debt.

The initial step to getting rid of medical debt is by gathering the facts around it. This is what will follow:

  • Collect the bill and sum up the exact figures: Ignoring it may lead to other severe consequences like being sued by you’re the medical institution.
  • If you are covered by an insurance company, look into the items being left out. Some insurance companies may fail to cover some areas. Moreover, there are cases where the medical institution offered a drug not under your insurer.
  • Pay the amount if possible: You can easily deal with the small amounts and quickly do away with them.
  • Come up with a payment strategy: Contact your medical institution to notify them you have received the medical bill. Thereafter, come up with your payment strategy, drafting it to suit them as well. Once they agree with it, make your first payment being followed with the other monthly payments.
  • Deal with your child’s bill: If the medical bill is as a result of your child poor health, make an effort of clearing it.
  • Using your credit card: If you have found it hard to deal with the bill, you can have it in your credit card as a resort.
  • Issuing a bankruptcy statement: This is your final way out. Issuing a bankruptcy statement to the court may seem very ugly and in need but will sufficiently help you.


Student loan debt


Students loans are meant to assist us realize our dreams. Unfortunately, it is a sad fact to comprehend once weinternalize that our search for these resources may deprive us our financial freedom in our near future. We are dragged by its financial pull, withholding us from achieving our long awaited greatness.


Dealing with student loan debt

Here is a compiled strategy of how to get rid of your student loan debt:

  • Finding a payment plan: Find a payment plan which suits you by helping in clearing this type of debt. Moreover, you should be able to change it once you find an abundant source of income streaming in. You can also change your repayment plan if you are finding it difficult to work with it.
  • Increase your income: One of the best ways of dealing with student loans is by seeking jobs which will earn you extra income. While working your way up, you will be able to clear your debt in the quickest way possible. Another option is investing in income yielding ideas.
  • Check on the importance of the loan: sometimes students in college tend to seek loans without a concrete reason for its use. This restrains them later on from self-development. Organizing these loans will assist you avoid taking loans with less significance. Be wise.


Mortgage loan debt


Mortgage loans are meant to help us acquire a new home through small payments made in monthly installments. This however becomes problematic once a mortgage loan debtor fails to keep up with his or her payments. As a result, a debtor falls back in terms of payments thus may be at the risk of losing his or her home later on.


Dealing with mortgage loan debt.

By sticking to any of these options, you will be able to finish your mortgage loan debt with a worthy struggle:

  • Extra income paying ideas: you could create ideas which would help you pay up the debt to efficiently catch up for the times you failed to make payments.
  • Inclusion of your capital: This debt could be included in your capital to increase its value and time of payment.
  • Endowment policy: another wise alternative is to sell your endowment policy to your creditor.
  • Borrowing income: You could ask someone to lend you cash to keep up with your mortgage payments. However, you should only borrow cash from people who you trust and won’t bring you issues later on. Make this your last option.



Credit card debt


Credit cards are the most common sources of debts many households face. How do you clear credit card debt? How do you completely free yourself from this financial woe?

It is might be difficult at first but will eventually get easier as you progress. Here’s what you should do:


  • Find your motivation: this will keep you going to the end. Whether it’s having your kids live a wonderful life or beginning a new business, this factor should keep you vibrant.
  • Start from somewhere: You can begin by choosing one credit card at a time.
  • Ask for low interest payment rates: contact your credit card company and ask for lower rates provided you’ll make the necessary payment with them.
  • Balance transfer: transfer the balance from the card with a higher interest to one with a lower interest.
  • Finalizing: move to the next card once you’ve completed your payment.

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Taking on debt is part and parcel of life. Sometimes we need more money for our expenses. Or maybe some times we need to make payment for certain things. So it is not uncommon to have some form of debt. However, if you do not keep track of your expenses, this amount can run up pretty fast and pretty high. When that happens, you will have problems trying to clear it all. You may not even have enough space to breathe. Furthermore, it can put a strain to your daily life due to your worries.


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