Twitter and Facebook, is it necessary for your business?

Facebook? Twitter?
Facebook? Twitter?

Does your business need to be on Facebook and Twitter?

In an information age that is constantly transforming the ways we do things even in business, there is a need for innovation. This digital platform has benefited innumerable business and still counting. Today, there is a large presence of businesses online through establishment of websites. Newsrooms, online retail shops and among others know too well what it means to establish a strong presence on a number of internet networks.

What are Facebook and Twitter?

Well, in the current world the rate of information dissemination and consumption is growing each new day. There is every need to utilize this information in the most effective ways. Information is power. And this can be done through appropriate channels, systems and networks. Awareness is always created among people. Facebook and Twitter are the world’s largest online networking sites where people meet, share, socialize and grow. There is no such a powerful platform for socialization like Facebook and Twitter. Through these world’s magnificent networking platforms, videos, pictures and cultures are shared and exchanged.

What is the monetary value of Facebook and Twitter?

Well, the founder of Facebook and perhaps Twitter did come up with the brilliant idea of networking people across the globe. Not only for fans but also for their monetary value. In this era, information has become a very valuable commodity and any business or an individual owning a website knows this too well. It therefore goes without saying that the advertising revenue, which accrues to the founders of these world’s largest social networking sites run into billions of dollars annually. The founders of these two great sites own the intellectual property rights for these sites as sole owners. In this regard, Facebook employs millions of people every year with varying professional qualifications such as programmers, journalists, designers and many others.

Why should a business establish its presence on Facebook and Twitter?

The market dynamics in business can be hard to predict at times. But with these two online platforms, businesses have an easy access to social networkers of any age. Facebook brings together millions of youth across the globe. Adults are also brought together on the two similar platforms of social networking. This is amazing in marketing and every business will take this as a prime platform for advertising services. Advertising is one major reason why business should consider featuring on Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes advertising is all about how many viewers one gets on their products. Through Facebook, there is always a predictable large number of potential clients a business can win over. Advertising on Facebook and Twitter has become a common phenomenon in marketing. The earlier a company embraces it, the better it is for their success and growth.

The final word

For great exposure, every business today should make an attempt at starting a Facebook or Twitter account. This is a strategy in marketing today for bringing clients closer for great interactivity and association with customers.

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i love social media so much and i think that it is a great idea for businesses to be on it!
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