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Always approach a licensed moneylender when you need a loan. Do not approach loan sharks no matter how easy it seems to get a loan from them. They will bring you more troubles instead of solving your problems. If you need a loan, fill in the application form to provide us with some basic details and we will connect you to the best money lenders. 

Avoid loan sharks at all costs. 

The biggest difference between loan sharks and license money lenders is that loan sharks do not have a physical office. Do note that some loan sharks pretend to me license money lenders and tell you to feel free to visit their office. Know that they are willing to say this because they are trying their luck and hoping you do not actually visit the office. Loan sharks also operate through calling you or SMSing you claiming to be a legal money lender providing loans. 

To get a loan from licensed money lender, you will only need to spend maximum of one hour with them. One hour is not a lot of time if you think about it. This is because you know that you are getting the cash from a legit source. Loan sharks will never show you their faces because they are afraid of you recognizing them in the future. They are called illegal money lenders for a reason. If the police finds them, they will get into a lot of trouble. 

Borrowing from loan sharks may seem fast but do you know there are a lot of consequences that come with it? What happens when you transfer the money to them? Does the loan end there? Are you actually transferring to them or another person looking to get a loan?

Always double check before you take a loan from a 3rd party. You can always check whether they are license or not through Ministry of Law’s list of licensed money lender. 

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