Best Ways to Get More Legroom on Your Next Flight without Paying (2017 Update)

More Legroom on Your Next Flight
More Legroom on Your Next Flight

In our survey, we discovered that many people are much concerned about their seat comfort while taking a flight. The American Customer Satisfaction Index revealed that cramped and uncomfortable airline seats are irritating to many passengers. Unfortunately, the tight squeezes are even going to be tighter, as many airlines are installing the so-called slim-line seats. These seats contain ultrathin cushions that allow airlines to move their seats closer together in order to accommodate more passengers.

The same planes have comfortable section left to those who can pay an additional amount. Well, if you want a comfortable trip, you must be ready to bear the extra cost for a spacious legroom, or simply follow the tips provided herein to help you get a free comfort.

Although you cannot avoid a slim-line seat in many planes, we have strategies to help you get more legroom without giving out some extra money.

Make a Careful Selection of Your Airline

Conduct a thorough research before you board the plane. Ask frequent travelers for more detailed information or visit SeatGuru. We think JetBlue airlines have the most comfortable seats with precisely large legroom.

According to SeatGuru, most planes have seat pitch measurement in the economy ranging from 32 to 33 inches. Some JetBlue lines have up to 34 inches, while the Virgin America economy seats measure about 32 inches.

On other airlines like Allegiant, the measure is a little bit reduced – 30 inches across the fleet.

On Spirit flight, the measurement is a scant 28 inches across the fleet. It is highly advisable that you check with SeatGuru to get all detailed and authentic information about pitch measurement.

Planes with greater pitches are always likely to offer comfortable trips, with less knee cramping. If you realize that all airlines flying a route you want to go are taking similar amounts, compare the legroom in economy for each plane. To do this the right way, you have to conduct some extra research.

Note the numbers of the plane you are considering. And then go to SeatGuru to check the pitch in economy for all of them.

View the seat map for each plane you are considering. Also, use the map to note the seats avoided- could be because they recline, are next to the restrooms or have misaligned window.

Always Be Patient

Patience pays – of course you know it. If you are booking a flight, and find that all the least expensive seats are taken, don’t rush into paying for extra leg room space. You are always allocated a seat at the airport, except on rare occasions when there is a slight problem with the seat allocation process. In such a case, you are more likely to receive a seat with extra legroom without necessarily making some extra payment.

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