Best Online Finance Tools

Best Online Finance Tools
Best Online Finance Tools

The human mind is the world’s most resourceful component only found in mankind. Being the architect of blossoming ideas, it has proved to be a valuable tool. In addition to this, its ability to work to great lengths without limitations is what has brought prosperity.


Due to the amazing facts about the mind, the world has evolved in many aspects. This growth has brought an increase in wealth trickling down to even households. As a result, many have had issues with managing their finances and keeping track on them.Being a new challenge, this hasn’t underestimated the magnificent power of the mind. It has again proved to be convenient by devising a solution for this challenge.


Today, there are online finance tools created to assist individuals incapable of accounting for their finances and keeping an eye on them. These tools are have made our tasks easier by filling the monstrous void discovered by the mind. Here are the compiled online finance tools for you to use:



This online financial tool assists its users to keep track of their finances and be updated with their equity from the processed available records.It monitors the user’s important bank details, credit card, major transactions and investments. Moreover, it offers an extra hand in budgeting and achieving financial targets.


When using this application, you will have to give your financial information regarding your accounts such as username and password. This will make it easier for this financial tool to link up with all your accounts and track them well. Moreover, Mint keeps all your personal information secured and encrypted to prevent hacking.


Advantages of using Mint.

  • Makes it easier for you to accomplish your goals.
  • Free of charges.
  • It assists you in attaining your credit score.
  • It shows your spending patterns.
  • Linking with your accounts, it creates an effective budget list for this.


Disadvantages of using Mint.

  • Mint displays lots of advertisements of products.
  • Other users might find mint very basic and may be looking for something sophisticated.
  • As much as it is secure, online tools might still be at the risk of being hacked into.


Level money


Like Mint, Level money requires you to begin by keying in your requirements. This would link up your bank accounts for it to monitor your spending and make you realize your financial dreams and goals. The no. of bank accounts you can add is limitless when using this application.


Level money thereafter uses several of its features to set up a suitable spending habit that’s healthy to you. It works with your basic salary and monthly expenses, giving you a figure you could stick with. Furthermore, it also shares a way for you to save some of your income.


Level money has a system referred as override installed for purposes of fixing your monthly income. This can be the case where you as the user didn’t add a certain source of income to this online finance tool. After summing up the numbers and giving the right figures, level money gives you your monthly spendable amount.


Every dollar


This online financial tool is also another suitable one to use. This application is good for beginners who have never had a fruitful budgeting plan. It encourages its users by starting small and walking them through the whole process successfully. The user first signs in into the new account and adds his income to get the total figure.


The next step is filling in the expense plan which will assist in computing the right figures. The remaining figures is thereafter displayed, the user is informed on what he or she can work with. Every dollar links up with your bank details to keep track of your spending and create a suitable budget for you in the long run.


It is flexible as it can work in accordance to your needs. By doing so, you can custom it in order for you to add up several items for budgeting. The application and website is free for you to use.




This online tool is best for individuals who are looking to monitor their income flows from their ins to their outs. Wally categorizes their expenses into certain specifics such as vacation and entertainment. Moreover, it tracks its user’s location to update their spending in its analysis. This reduces the habit of overspending and minimizes the expenses to give the user more financial room.


Users can take photographs of their receipts, helping the tool compute your spending habits. More so, users can store their raw information on iCloud.




Like Wally, SpendBook categorizes its expenses down to the later. The expenses are food, housing, transport and entertainment. SpendBook offers charts for its users to view and interpret.


It updates them frequently in accordance to how you use your resources every day. Moreover, this application has an appealing display, winning over many people’s hearts. Another noticeable feature in it is the monitoring of your income flow and assisting you to reduce your expenses just like Wally. These two applications are perfectly for those who dread giving out their private financial details such as bank account details.


Toshl finance


It won’t take long for you to get hit by a brick to realize how broke you are.Instead of you sustaining a head injury, the brick somehow splits into two and you walk away injury free. How does this somehow happen? What could be the main reason behind this?


The main reason is quite simple and embarrassing. You are too broke to even spend some pennies on some bandage or a few stitches. This being the case, you realize you have to make some abrupt changes. Your incapability to create a budget and cut off your expenses is proving to be your undoing.


Far from the other financial tools you can opt for, Toshl finance is also another decent alternative to have. You can key income your income and work on the expenses which exist in categories. Furthermore,Toshl finance gives the user a chance to export his information in form of PDF or excel.

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