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There are many moneylenders in Singapore. But did you know there are licensed and unlicensed moneylenders? How do you identify which are unlicensed and which are licensed? 

License Moneylenders will never call you asking if you need a loan. This is because Ministry of Law does not allow license moneylenders to cold call or send SMS to people asking them if they like to take a loan. If you do receive such messages or calls, ignore them. No matter how desperate you need money, always tell yourself never get involve with illegal money lenders aka loan sharks. 

If you need a loan, you can approach the bank, your family and friends or a license money lender. There are more than 100 license money lender in Singapore. How do you know which license money lender should you approach? One way to help you decide is by looking at reviews. For the best moneylender review, you can check out Moneylenders Singapore, Moneylender Review or Credit Review. In addition to those review sites, you can always check out their Google Maps review. Google Maps review are all by real people and Google often vet it for fake reviews. 

To assist you, we have also shortlisted a few moneylenders that we deem are the best in Singapore. How did we come to this conclusion? We base it on all the best moneylender review we have seen online. In addition, we have also visited their office to view their service for ourselves. Other than those in the list above, we have also went to other moneylenders to check them out. 

We only list the best moneylender for you! If you have any questions regarding legal and illegal moneylenders, feel free to give us a call at +65 6871 4268. We are glad to answer all your questions 🙂 

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