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Need money fast?

Legal Loan Singapore is working hard to find you the best legal moneylender in Singapore

There is a huge list of licensed moneylenders in Singapore. And as we all know, there are black sheep in every industry. So how do we know which licensed money lender should we approach? And which we should definitely avoid? 

One of the easiest way to do that will be looking for reviews on these moneylenders. People who have borrow or are currently still a client will often provide reviews on them. After looking through many sources for the best legal money lender review, we realize that the 2 listed above have one the highest positive reviews. We have look through Moneylenders Singapore and Google, one of the most reviews for moneylenders. In addition to that, we have done extensive researching and even going to the office ourselves. And we have come to the conclusion that they do live up to their reviews. 

Reviews assist you in shortlisting the moneylenders that you can approach for a loan. If you have never taken a loan from any licensed moneylender before, you can always give us a call at +65 6871 4268 regarding your questions and we will be happy to assist you. Furthermore, you can approach the licensed moneylenders directly to find out their loan schemes before deciding if you will still like to take a loan.

Legal Loan Singapore will update this site with more good legal and license money lenders as soon as we find them. We are working hard to ensure that anyone mention here is indeed one of the best around Singapore. We do not recommend anyone lightly because we know that taking a loan is suppose to solve your problems. Some money lenders are known for their aggressive tactics and methods. Not to worry, these money lenders will definitely not be listed here. On the other hand, we will also not be mentioning them as we do not believe in defaming anyone.

Afterall, everyone deserves a second chance. Even if the money lender is not so good, they may change their ways. Thus, we do not wish to hurt any one in this process. Please note that if we do not list a certain money lender here, it does not mean that they are not good or reliable. It just means that they are not up to our standards of a good and reliable money lender.

Ever took a loan from these money lenders before? Let us know! We love to hear what you have to say about them. 

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