4 Places from UNESCO List You Must Visit Before They Disappear


Rainforests Atsinanana in Madagascar have been added to the list in 2007 because of its biological diversity. Three years later the location was placed on the list of those that are at risk due to excessive and illegal logging …


In order to UNESCO classified on the World Heritage List, places must meet certain strict criteria. So far, the list has included 981 sites, from Greenland glaciers to the Egyptian desert.Unfortunately, while the inclusion on the list carries a kind of prestige, that does not carry a  protection. So at the end of 2013 as many as 44 locations were ‘at risk’. While a good portion of those sites are in danger due to human conflict, one part is under great risk due to natural fluctuations, mismanagement and unstoppable tooth time. The following four locations considered to be ‘at risk’ because of the impact of the ravages of time. They’re still safe for visitors, and consider listing them on your list of places you must visit before they disappear.


Belize Barrier Reef

Along the coast of Belize lives one of the largest coral ecosystems in the Western Hemisphere and the second largest in the world. With its heady blue water, hundreds of sandbars and rich marine life, it is easy to understand why in 1996 included in the UNESCO list of world heritage.


However, 2009 was transferred to the list of sites that are in danger, because the UNESCO concerns felling trees mangroves and excessive development. These trees, which submitted the salty sea water, by 2008 it was forbidden by law to cut. But after that year lifted the ban and has since started a complete devastation of the area.


The jungles of Atsinanana, Madagascar

Another location from the list of World Heritage Sites, which is full of natural beauty, consisting of six national parks.

Added to the list in 2007 because of its biological diversity, and some species can be found only here.

Few years ago, this location was placed on the list of those that are at risk due to excessive and illegal logging.

It’s not just the trees that are endangered in Atsinanana. Twenty species of lemurs who live there, are on the brink of extinction because locals kill them for their meat.


Ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara, Tanzania

Located on several Tanzanian island, the ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara, medieval cities that demonstrate the Swahili culture and history of East Africa. In addition to the palace, prison and oldest mosque in East Africa, the ruins will impress anyone who has ever wanted to explore the seemingly lost city.

Unfortunately, the ‘lost’ epithet has included the ruins of the at list of sites that are in danger.


And as long as the efforts to save those, uncontrolled development of wild vegetation greatly affects their deterioration. There is also global warming, whose action raises sea levels that they may soon be plunged.


Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City, United Kingdom

At stake are not only the locations that are in the countries ‘third world’. In 2012, Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City, a group of six historic parts of the city center, is located on the list of those in danger.

According to UNESCO, excessive construction and development of the area led to the isolation of various parts instead of the same integrated into a continuous historical account of the urban landscape, influencing both at appearance and location of the soul.

While the fate of the other locations at the list of vague, Maritime Mercantile City has a bright future. In the next 30 years one of the world’s largest shopping center will gain a new look.

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