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Sunday is a rest day for many businesses. This includes money lenders. Many money lenders are close on weekends and even if they are open then, they are usually close on Sundays. It is really not easy to find a Sunday licensed moneylender. Legal Loan Singapore is here to help you find the best moneylender in Singapore that is open on Sunday.


The money lenders we list above are one of the rare few Sunday licensed moneylender. As they are open every day, they will be able to help everyone on any day of the week. When we say everyone, we mean everyone. This includes Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and even Foreigners working in Singapore. These money lenders understand that people may need cash any time. And everyone deserves the chance of getting a loan.


We have put these money lenders to a test. We called them requesting for them to wait for us. As you can see, these money lenders close at 5PM on Sundays. Thus, we asked if they were able to wait for us till 6PM as we are working shift. We expected them to reject us and ask us to come another day. But! Instead of that, they told us to come over and that they will wait for us! This was indeed a surprise to us. Because not many money lenders were willing to wait for us. We got rejected by so many money lenders. Furthermore, these money lenders did not rush through the whole loan process. Instead, they took their time to talk us through the whole application. They even explain every single page of the loan contract to us.


In the process of that, we got to know them better and they mention to us that customer service is very important to them. They always place their clients’ interest first. Even when giving out the loan, they encourage us to take a smaller amount loan. They advice us that taking an amount that is higher than what we need will not do us good. We were indeed shock to hear this as we did not expect any business to work this way. After all, businesses tend to try to get every dollar out of their customers. No matter which business we are talking about. 


If you need a loan, regardless of what kind of loan. Be it a monthly loan, personal loan or pay day loan. Or perhaps you are looking for a business loan or debt consolidation. Whatever loan type you need, we are pretty sure these money lenders will be able to help you. Give them a call if you need cash. Or you can visit their office for a free one on one consultation. If you do not like what you hear, you can always walk out of their office.  


Any questions that you may have regarding money lenders, feel free to get in touch with us. For a fast answer, call us at +65 6871 4268. If no one picks up your call, you may wish to drop your enquiries at admin@legalloansingapore.com